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Southington BOE approves increases for non-union employees

Southington BOE approves increases for non-union employees

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SOUTHINGTON — The Board of Education unanimously approved raises for non-union employees and administrators, including School Superintendent Tim Connellan.

The non-union employees will receive the salary increases in the upcoming fiscal year, which begins July 1, 2020.

The raises for non-union employees follow a favorable performance review for Connellan by the board last month.

He’ll receive a 2.5 percent increase for the 2020-21 fiscal year. His salary will rise from $200,000 to $205,000.

Connellan was hired in 2014 to replace Joseph V. Erardi Jr.

“The board appreciates Mr. Connellan’s humble, calm and focused approach to his profession as superintendent,” said board chairman Brian Goralski. “His passionate dedication to the education of every student is the best indicator of his effective leadership. The board looks forward to continuing our work with Mr. Connellan.”

Goralski, a Republican, didn’t run for re-election. The board vice chairwoman, Terri Carmody, was among a Republicans majority elected last week.

She also had high praise for Connellan, saying she was pleased with the way he dealt with other town boards, school employees and parents.

The job titles in the salary list approved by the board in October included top administrative positions, payroll supervisor, crossing guards, technology analysts and executive assistants.

Most of the wages increased 2 to 2.5 percent. The largest increase was a 4 percent raise for Assistant Superintendent Steven Madancy. His salary will go from $175,000 to $182,000.

Southington has only one assistant superintendent while other districts have two or more, according to Carmody. Madancy had been “underpaid” and  the raise brought his salary to an appropriate level, she added.

“We only have one that’s doing all the work where other systems have two or three,” Carmody said. “It was time that he received the amount of money that’s due to the job he does.”

Carmody said his work had been “excellent.”

Connellan said the total cost for non-union employees’ wages was difficult to calculate since they’re paid from different salary accounts.

A retirement allowed Connellan to reorganize the operations department. For the unaffiliated employees other than himself, Connellan said there’s a reduction of $35,000 this fiscal year from the previous. He’s also projecting $30,000 lower overall wages next fiscal year over the current one.

“The savings impacts the current year, next year and the years beyond,” Connellan said.

Peter Romano, the district’s operations director, took on more duties after the retirement of a member of his staff. The position wasn’t filled, Carmody said, resulting in the savings.

Romano will receive a 2.5 percent raise in the upcoming year. His salary will go from $141,000 to $144,525.

Carmody said the board was “very comfortable” with the raises given.

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