Southington Coffee House opens in former Caffe Del Mondo space

SOUTHINGTON — Southington Coffee House opened Thursday to such excitement that the owners had to call in extra employees as well as an electrician to install a second crepe maker.

The coffee house in the former Caffe Del Mondo space had lines out the door from when it opened at 6 a.m., according to manager Lilly Fellows.

“I’ve sold over five gallons of crepe batter,” she said. “The response has been overwhelming.”

Denis and Sandra Guay opened the shop at 51 N. Main St. for a premier on Wednesday night. On Thursday, the couple were frequently on errands to buy more produce and other supplies as customers packed tables, couches and stools of the coffee house.

“We blew our daily projections for today by 10 in the morning,” Denis Guay said. “That’s a good problem to have, I suppose. We’re excited that people are excited.”

Coffee is the main attraction, but Denis Guay was surprised at how popular crepes have been. Starting at $5, the crepes come with a variety of dessert and meal toppings, including roasted vegetables, which was a favorite on Thursday. With each crepe taking more than three minutes to cook, Denis Guay said they quickly realized they’d need more makers to keep the lines moving.

“The crepes are a much bigger hit than I anticipated,” he said. “We called the electrician, ‘We need you here today.’ ”

Iced coffee and cold brew have also been favorites.

Mike Ungaro of Southington stopped in for a dark roast and was impressed. He’d been a customer of Caffe Del Mondo and was glad there was a coffee shop downtown.

Ungaro wasn’t surprised at the crowds at Southington Coffee Shop. Caffe Del Mondo closed earlier this year.

“People have been missing it,” he said.

The shop also offers bagels, pastries, muffins, fruit and other snacks. While much of the layout is the same as when it was Caffe Del Mondo, the shop added outdoor seating on a patio to the north of the building.

Denis Guay is an insurance executive from Southington.
Twitter: @JBuchananRJ


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