Southington developer plans 30 houses off West Street

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SOUTHINGTON — A local developer is looking to build more than 30 homes off West Street and says there’s strong demand for the $600,000 houses he is planning. 

Mark Lovley requested town approval for an open space preservation subdivision on a 50-acre parcel at 1268 West St. He said the design, which allows for smaller lots, will allow him to keep 12 acres as open space. A conventional subdivision layout would only preserve about two acres of open space.

“It’ll keep a lot of area natural and not developed which is good,” Lovley said of his proposal.

He’s still finalizing plans for the subdivision but believes he can fit 34 homes on the property.

Upscale homes

The property is a long stretch parallel to Churchill Street with a small portion of West Street frontage. The homes would feature four bedrooms, two-and-a-half bathrooms, two or three car garages and  2,500 to 3,000 square feet.

Lovley said the houses will start at $600,000.

“It’s going to be upscale for sure,” he said.

Lovley has developed a host of other subdivisions in town and said demand for housing in Southington is very strong. The West Street project is close to shops and restaurants as well as the highway. He has 10 people already interested in purchasing homes in the proposed development, he said.

The property is the last piece of a family farm owned by the estate of Frances Borysewicz. Lovley said there are nine relatives involved with selling the property.

Supply and demand

Matt Denorfia, a real estate broker and head of sales and marketing with AA Denorfia Building and Development, said there are plenty of willing buyers for homes in Southington.

“Most houses are multiple offer situations, over asking price,” he said. “There’s just a very limited supply.”

The expense and scarcity of building materials has caused some construction outfits to pause, Denorfia said, leading to fewer new homes. Excellent mortgage rates also encourage buyers, creating even more demand for fewer houses.

Denorfia wasn’t surprised to hear about more home building off West Street.

“There’s just not as many parcels left,” he said. “Where there’s open land, people will build.”

West Street has a mixture of residential and commercial real estate. Denorfia is hoping that the commercial side of real estate picks up after having been shaken during the pandemic.

The Planning and Zoning Commission expects to schedule a public hearing on Lovley’s request at its meeting tonight. The meeting will take place at 7 p.m. at the John Weichsel Municipal Center, 200 N. Main St.


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