Southington firefighters donate trees to families in need

Southington firefighters donate trees to families in need

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SOUTHINGTON — Members of Fire Engine Co. 2 donated and delivered Christmas trees to local families in need this past week.

Lt. Doug Badgley said he and several other Co. 2 members donated trees to families last year and continued the tradition this year. He said four members of the company delivered 18 trees to families Wednesday night, up from the five donated last year.

“People were very surprised when we showed up with a tree and a stand,” Badgley said.

Southington Community Services provided a list of families that requested a tree.

Janet Mellon, community services director, said families that came in for food donations had the chance to request a tree and tree stand.

“The fire department goes out of the way at all times for everything they do for this community,” Mellon said.

She said there will always be a demand for trees and she looks forward to the donations next year. 

“We didn’t know how fast the trees would go,” Mellon said.

Badgley said the department started selling Christmas trees on West Main Street the day after Thanksgiving. Company 2 purchased 20 trees for donations this year, but only had requests for 18. 

Badgley said the company has since sold about 440 trees and had a little over 100 remaining.

“We’re trying to sell out by next weekend,” Badgley said.
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