Southington officials split on subdivision approval

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SOUTHINGTON — Town planners approved a housing subdivision for Meriden-Waterbury Turnpike by a party-line vote after numerous hearings. 

The development includes drainage improvements for area residents who have experienced flooded basements and deluged yards.

Tony Denorfia of AA Denorfia Building and Development intends to build 23 two and three-bedroom homes for those 55 and older. Size will range from 1,400 to 1,800 square feet.

In April, town planners approved Denorfia's request to rezone the 10-acre property at 570 Meriden-Waterbury Turnpike as an age-restricted cluster housing zone. This allows greater density than normally allowed in residential zones in exchange for preserved green space and a portion of affordable housing.

Last week, the commission voted five to two in favor of site plan approval that will allow Denorfia to build his development. Five Republicans on the board voted in favor of site plan approval while the two Democrats opposed it.

Working with neighbors

Drainage for the development requires an easement from a neighboring property owned by Mary Ellen Hobson. Andy Denorfia, an attorney representing Denorfia Development, said the company is in agreement with Hobson about the drainage improvements.

Hobson’s attorney “represented they’re on board,” Andy Denorfia said.

At a previous meeting, Hobson described the flooding that’s taken place in her yard and basement. Denorfia said the changes planned would “make a bad situation better.”

Bob Hammersley, commission chairman and a Republican, said he was glad developers had worked with neighbors. There’s concern among area residents about runoff and drainage due to problems with the nearby HillCrest housing development.

“This is a great case of everyone doing things the way we ask them to do. Talk to your neighbors, work out your differences without us interfering in those differences and come to some successful conclusions,” Hammersley said.

Remaining concerns

Christina Volpe, a Democratic commission member, opposed Denorfia’s site plan approval. She said concerns about the development’s impact remained, citing letters from neighbors other than Hobson. Volpe said while it passed anyway, she felt best voting against it.

“Not every vote needs to be unanimous,” she said.

Like Hammersley, Volpe was also pleased that Denorfia Development was working with Hobson and other neighbors.

“I’m very encouraged that they reached out and worked with the neighborhood,” she said.

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