Southington parties choose slates of candidates for November elections

Southington parties choose slates of candidates for November elections

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SOUTHINGTON — Democrats and Republicans chose slates of candidates for November’s election during two recent nominating conventions.

Most incumbents in both parties plan to run again.

Valerie DePaolo, a local attorney, and Anthony Mazzarella, a local coach, will join the Democratic incumbents running for council. Democrats Chris Palmieri, Chris Poulos, John Barry and Kelly Morrissey will be looking to maintain their seats.

Dawn Miceli, the council vice chairwoman, announced last week that she wouldn’t be running for reelection after 10 years on the council.

Republican incumbents Tom Lombardi, William Dziedzic and Victoria Triano will run again in November. Three Republican Planning and Zoning Commission members, Michael DelSanto, Paul Chaplinsky Jr. and Jim Morelli will be looking to take seats on the council.

Michael Riccio, a former council chairman, won’t be running for reelection.

James Sinclair, co-chair of the Democratic party’s nominating committee, said this year’s slate includes both new faces as well as experienced town leaders.

“I’m thrilled with the team we’ve built,” he said. “We have a good mixture.”

“We also have an age demographic that goes from the late 20s to the 70s,” Sinclair said.  “I really think we’ve incorporated the spectrum of Southington.”

Democrats hold a majority on the council with five of nine seats. Minority representation rules prevent any party from holding more than six seats.

DelSanto, planning and zoning commission chairman for the past 10 years, said Republicans need a majority on the council and need to get the council “back to work.”

“I just can’t sit back,” he said. “We need to take this town council back.”

Triano, the council minority leader, said the council candidates were all involved around town and cared about Southington.

“We’ve got a tremendous, tremendous slate of people experienced in this community,” she said.

Republicans have a majority on the Board of Finance, Board of Education and Planning and Zoning.

Sinclair said the Democrats have an “excellent chance” of expanding its council majority and taking control of other town boards.

School board

Republicans chose incumbents Joe Baczewski, Terri Carmody and Colleen Clark and newcomers James Chrzanowski, Missy Cipriano and David Falvo for Board of Education.

Democrats will run incumbents Dave Derynowski, Zaya Oshana Jr., Lisa Cammuso and Bob Brown for Board of Education along with newcomers Lauren Johns and George Daughterty.
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