Southington PZC approves 5-house subdivision

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SOUTHINGTON – Planners approved a five-house subdivision for an eight-acre property on the corner of Curtiss Street and Lazy Lane.

The property at 540 Lazy Lane nearly encompasses a single-family home on Lazy Lane.

The developer’s representative and town planners debated the addition of sidewalks on the corner property. Planners approved the subdivision without a requirement to build sidewalks.

Imperial Development LLC, submitted plans for a five-home subdivision. Nathan Primus, a Southington resident, is listed as a principal of the company in state records.

Sev Bovino, a local engineer, represented the company during Tuesday’s Planning and Zoning Commission meeting

Debate over sidewalks

Town planners noted the traffic on that corner and asked if the developer could add sidewalks to the project.

Bob Hammersley, commission chairman, said it’d enhance the homes and potentially avoid an accident.

“You’re going to have kids ostensibly in the houses you’re developing.” he said. “They’re going to walk on Lazy Lane or Curtiss Street to the bust stop and I see it as a safety issue.”

Bovino said sidewalks are required for subdivisions that include new roads. He cited a court case where a state judge ruled a town couldn’t require a developer to make an offsite improvement such as a sidewalk.

“The issue is that it’s not legally required,” Bovino told planners.

“Just because it’s not required doesn’t mean you don’t do it,” Hammersley responded.

He and other planners asked if it could be done anyway.

Bovino said there is a line of boulders along Curtiss Street that would need to be moved to allow for the construction of sidewalks on the right-of-way by the road. There’s also a section of wetlands that a sidewalk would have to cross on Lazy Lane.

“You would have to do quite a bit of fill in,” Bovino said.

The commission approved the plan with only Hammersley voting in opposition.

Showroom for kitchen business

During Tuesday’s meeting the commission also unanimously approved an expanded building that’ll be used as showroom space for Kitchen Cabinet Outlet at 919 Queen St.

Bovino also represented that company.

“They need more space and they want to move some of the operation from Waterbury,” he said.

Planners had approved a showroom years ago.

“We approved it, COVID hit and nothing got down. Now they’re coming back bigger and better,” Hammersley said.

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