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Southington PZC consider subdivision for Lazy Lane and Curtiss Street corner

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SOUTHINGTON – A developer is looking to subdivide land on the corner of Curtiss Street and Lazy Lane for a five-lot subdivision.

Imperial Development LLC’s proposal would divide the 8-acre property at 540 Lazy Lane into seven parcels. Five lots would be buildable while two wouldn’t be for development. The plan was discussed at Tuesday night’s Planning and Zoning Commission meeting.   

Imperial Development’s principal is local builder Nathan Primus, according to state records.

Sev Bovino, an engineer representing Primus, said the land is mostly open field with some wooded areas. Plans presented to the commission show two lots on Curtiss Street and three on Lazy Lane. The property surrounds a house at 520 Lazy Lane.

Peter Santago, a commission member, described the corner as a landmark.

“It’s a pretty iconic property in town,” he said. “When you go by there, you know where you are when you see it.”

Those comments didn’t lead to any in opposition to the plan, however.

“People can do what they want with their property.” Santago said.

The commission did delay a vote on the subdivision since there’s disagreement over whether the developer must build sidewalks as a requirement for approval.

Bovino said legal precedent is that a builder on an existing road doesn’t have to make improvements such as adding sidewalks.

“If you build a new road for a subdivision, it’s your responsibility to put the sidewalks in. If it’s on an existing thoroughfare, sidewalks (can’t be imposed),” he said.

Bob Hammersley, commission chairman, said he wants to refer the question to Town Attorney Alex Ricciardone. He hopes to receive an answer in time to make a decision at the August meeting.

Town records show Beverly Fiondella owns the property.

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