Southington replacing water mains in Plantsville section 

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SOUTHINGTON — Water main replacement work will make it more difficult to drive through downtown Plantsville for about three months starting Monday.

The $1.2 million water department project will be followed by a town effort to repave and improve the roadways around the South Main, West Main and Main streets intersection.

Bill Casarella, the department’s supervisor, said since the town is repaving the roads it’s a good time to replace water mains that date from the late 1800s.

Crews will begin cutting the trench in the road on Monday around 845 S. Main St. Casarella said the department decided to start there since school buses need to use the intersection until the end of the academic year. He didn’t expect crews to start on the intersection until mid-June.

Work will also take place from the Summer Street–West Main Street intersection to just east of the West Main-Main-South Main streets intersection. Homes in the area should consider replacing their water service line.

“Most of them are old, some of them are as old as the main,” Casarella said. “It’s a very good time.”

Work on the intersection will take place at night. Other road work will take place during the day from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. Casarella said there’ll be at least one lane open while construction is underway.

Dawn Miceli, Southington Chamber of Commerce board chairwoman and Town Council vice chairwoman, said while the construction will be a disturbance, it provides needed infrastructure to the area and a vital facelift.

“Yes, there’s going to be some upheaval down there,” she said. “The village of Plantsville has needed attention for many years. Some business owners felt they were the ugly stepchild and never got the necessary improvements and maintenance. Over the next two years, they’ll be getting all that and more.”

The town’s Plantsville project includes road design changes to eliminate on-street parking, granite curbs and brick walkways.

Miceli said it’d be important to keep businesses informed about the work. Casarella said despite the congestion of the intersection during construction, nearby businesses will remain open.
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