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3D Restaurant in Southington appears closed

3D Restaurant in Southington appears closed

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SOUTHINGTON — 3D Restaurant on Eden Avenue is currently closed for business.

The restaurant had reopened earlier this month after closing briefly for renovations, but was once again closed Thursday. The original concept for the building, a restaurant on one side and a tattoo parlor on the other, had been dropped. Owner and local landscaper Daryl DeSorbo said at the time that he was still considering what to do next.

DeSorbo didn’t return calls for comment on Thursday.

The restaurant was dark Thursday and the phone number was disconnected.

Restaurant manager Marisol Torres said earlier this month that the tattoo parlor portion of the building would be converted and used for events and large parties.

“We had only 15 tables. If we have a party of 20, it’s not fair to the other customers when we have the other room,” she said.

While there’s still a wall separating the two halves of the building, Torres said the restaurant had to close to accommodate construction of the banquet room.

Torres said business has been good during her two months as restaurant manager.

The building at 16 Eden Ave. has been the location of several restaurants over the past few years. 

Greers & Beers closed last year after less than a year. It was an offshoot of the popular Greer's Chicken stand in Bristol. Lynn Harvest Pub opened at the Eden Avenue location in 2013, replacing Spice Bar and Grill.

3D opened at the beginning of the year. DeSorbo said that the tattoo studio and restaurant concept was popular on the West Coast. The name stands for drink, dine and dance.
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