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Southington signs 3-year deal with AMR that includes more medics

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SOUTHINGTON — American Medical Response Inc. will add a chase car and EMT to the town’s ambulance force under a new three-year contract approved last month.

Chris Palmieri, Town Council chairman and a Democrat, said the ambulance company will add a first responder vehicle to town. The chase car won’t transport patients to a hospital but will increase the number of EMTs that are on duty in town.

“This contract, with no cost to our town, is an example of AMR’s dedication to the town of Southington and we look forward to another three years of the excellent service that AMR provides,” he said in a statement.

The contract stipulates average response times and enumerates what data the ambulance company will provide to the town on a regular basis. The emergency medical services committee reviews call numbers and times provided by AMR. It includes councilors, town emergency services leaders, a doctor and other town officials.

Victoria Triano, a town councilor and Republican on the committee, said she’s pleased with the addition of a chase car to help with Southington’s emergencies. AMR responded to more than 5,000 calls last year.

“I’m very happy about it. AMR has been very good for us in Southington,” Triano said.

Kelly Morrissey, a Democratic councilor also on the committee, said town leaders have been pleased with the service provided by AMR as well as information given by the ambulance company.

“I believe that everyone on the subcommittee is happy with all their performance,” Morrissey said. “We review those reports on a monthly basis. When we have questions, they answer them.”

Palmieri said AMR had also been a good company for the town and helps sponsor the Apple Harvest Festival.


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