Southington volunteer firefighters continue annual Christmas tree sale

Southington volunteer firefighters continue annual Christmas tree sale

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SOUTHINGTON — Coming up to the lowest branches on some of the tallest fir trees outside Engine Company 2, Gabby Acquaviva, 7, helped her father Dean Acquaviva pick out trees.

“We have a blast, we do it every year,” Dean Acquaviva said while firefighters trimmed one of the two trees they picked out Sunday.

Gabby Acquaviva said her favorite part of picking out a tree is bringing it home to decorate.

Firefighter Cecilio Feliciano said helping families pick out a tree makes all the work they do setting up the fundraiser worthwhile.

“When they bring the little kids, the smiles on their faces (are) priceless,” he said.

Around 100 of the 600 trees the fire company began selling late last month remained Sunday, Feliciano said.

The money raised largely goes towards the company’s scholarships and other town organizations, including the food pantry

The company began selling Christmas trees about two decades ago and many customers are regulars.

“This is how we meet everybody in the community,” Feliciano said.

Shelly Nadwairski, of Southington, said she returns to the firehouse every year to buy her family’s tree to show support for the volunteer firefighters.

Not only do the volunteer firefighters get up early on weekends to stand out in the cold to help customers, but they also deliver trees for free by request.

“It’s a lot of work, but at the end of the day everybody has a tree in their house,” Feliciano said.