Southington to vote Tuesday on $4.5M golf course land rights purchase

Southington to vote Tuesday on $4.5M golf course land rights purchase

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SOUTHINGTON — Voting on whether or not the town should buy golf course development rights is scheduled for Tuesday at Derynoski School.

It’s the only polling location for the townwide referendum taking place between 6 a.m. and 8 p.m.

Town leaders are hoping voters will approve $4.5 million to buy development rights for Southington Country Club.

If the sale is approved, club owners would remain owners of the golf course but legally would lose the ability to build houses on the nearly 100-acre property. Owners have approval to build more than 100 homes on the Savage Street golf course.

Town officials have backed the plan, saying the costs associated with 100 more families in town would over the years exceed the $4.5 million spent on preventing those homes from being built. They’ve also talked about the benefits of undeveloped space for residents and wildlife.

Golf course owners have approval to build houses until later this year but before November when elections are held. Town leaders scheduled the special referendum before that approval expires and before golf course owners might exercise their option to build homes.


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