Spin Doctors bring ’90s nostalgia to Southington green

Spin Doctors bring ’90s nostalgia to Southington green

SOUTHINGTON — A crowd of approximately 1,000 people of all ages stood on the Southington Green to listen to the band the Spin Doctors, but one can argue that the 40 somethings were the most into the show. 

The Spin Doctors’ concert was the concluding event at Saturday’s Apple Harvest Festival. 

To say the Spin Doctors were ubiquitous for a period of the 1990s is an understatement. 

Their hit record Pocket Full of Kryptonite was released in August 1991 and sold 10 million copies. The band was on the cover of Rolling Stone. The single “Two Princes” — the one everyone in the crowd seemed to know — was the most played single of 1993 and the video was in heavy rotation on MTV. “Little Miss Can’t Be Wrong” reached 17 on the Billboard Hot 100. 

After the burst of fame, the band continued on for years through lineup changes and illness — lead singer Chris Barron suffered vocal paralysis — but their cultural relevance was lost. 

On Saturday night, for people of a certain age, listening to Barron’s voice and the rocking guitar was like hearing a ghost. 

Lori Amundsen of West Hartford particularly remembered “Two Princes,“ a song about a guy trying to convince a girl to marry him despite his shabby qualities. 

“You always thought that you were going to end up with two guys and that you would pick the right one.” Amundsen glanced at her fiancé Joe Frasca. “I have my prince here. I picked the right one.” 

‘Wasn’t grungy’

Darcie Fuller and Renee Polletta, both 42 years old, loved the band in high school and when they saw that the Spin Doctors were playing, they thought it would be a fun, throwback night out. 

Their music “was kind of different for the time. It was upbeat and fun,” Polletta said. 

“I had the CD,” said Fuller, but she didn't recall the name. 

Southington resident Kristen Guida got to the bandstand early to be right in front of the stage with a group of her friends. Next weekend she will be heading off to a medical mission in Haiti and wanted to have a fun send off. 

Where was Guida when the Spin Doctors were big?

“She was in high school, causing trouble,” yelled her lifelong friend Tamara Dlugos. 

“I wasn’t causing a lot of trouble,” Guida said. 

Seth Wrinkleman of Plainville saw the band live five times back in the 1990s. “It was fun. It wasn’t grungy, it was happy,” he said. So, he decided to introduce his daughter Maya to the band. She was excited. “I’ve probably heard them on the radio. I love all music,” Maya said. 

Maya got a great introduction to the band on Saturday night. 

All in the band

Chris Barron, the lead singer, mocked the odd stocking hat he wore in the video for “Two Princes.” It was an unfortunate ’90s fashion choice. 

“While I have your attention, these are the original members of the band,” he told the crowd after the first song “What Time is It?” “I’m the guy with the dumb hat in the video. I wore the hat because …”

“Because you have integrity,” an audience member shouted. 

“Because I have integrity,” Barron said with a laugh. “No, because I only had $6 and that’s how much that hat cost.” 

The Spin Doctors’ sound was tight, Barron was in great voice, and the crowd was into it. After a raucous audience sing along, Barron called out to the crowd. 

“You are all in the band. You are in the Spin Doctors. Even the bald guy who wasn’t singing at first. That’s ok,” Barron said. 


Spin Doctors lead singer Chris Barron serenades the crowd during the concert on the main stage at the annual Apple Harvest Festival in Southington on Saturday, Oct. 12, 2019. Emily J. Tilley, special to the Record-Journal.
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