New tattoo studio in downtown Plantsville

New tattoo studio in downtown Plantsville

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SOUTHINGTON — Owners of a tattoo studio in downtown Plantsville plan to open later this week and will offer the talent of an artist who’s worked in Las Vegas.

Kriserik Mogensen and Bill Edgerly have been renovating a storefront at 9 W. Main St. for Studio Think Tattoo Gallery and plan to open this week.

Mogensen has been a tattoo artist for decades and has owned studios in Las Vegas and Texas. He said his profession has helped him recover from years of addiction to painkillers, heroin and other drugs.

“It was my Zen, I didn’t worry about anything,” he said of tattooing.

Mogensen said he’s been drug-free since 2014. He began getting sober after misfortune in Las Vegas.

“I lost my car, house and shop in three weeks,” he said. “It was almost like the universe was playing tough love with me.”

Mogensen also spent time in prison. He’s hoping to mentor and redirect youth headed down the same path.

“I look at life as being a lot more precious...We are the energy we create,” he said. “I want to keep everything positive.”

His tattoos include “Texas made, Vegas Paid” written across his neck, referencing his birthplace. There’s also a portrait of his mother, Mary Ann Mogensen, on his right arm.

He prides himself on tattoos that accurately capture people, animals and other images.

Before the arrangement fell through, Mogensen was slated to open last year in a combination restaurant and tattoo studio on Eden Avenue. He  wanted people to be able to see the business, with privacy screens available on request.

“You can look all the way through it and see how clean it is,” he said.

The Plantsville location was a former framing shop. Economic development coordinator Lou Perillo said businesses, such as Dean’s Stove and Spa, are improving portions of Plantsville’s downtown while the town and state are putting money into streetscape upgrades.

“You’re seeing a lot of activity in Plantsville,” Perillo said. “It has real nice energy, now we have the benefit of the (Farmington Canal Heritage) trail.”

Streetscape improvements will take place next year. The town’s Water Department is working on replacing water mains this summer along with other work in the West Main Street area.

The studio hours will be 2 p.m. to 10 p.m. Tuesday to Saturday.
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