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Rogers Orchards in Southington open for 2019 summer season 

Rogers Orchards in Southington open for 2019 summer season 

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SOUTHINGTON — Rogers Orchards opened Thursday for their 210th season, offering visitors fresh produce like peaches, tomatoes and corn. 

“All things are looking good here and we’re excited to have another harvest,” co-president Peter Rogers said.

The 400-acre farm started with growing apples, which is still its main produce, but the harvest season always starts with peaches. 

Rogers said this summer’s heat and humidity has been good for the crops. 

“They respond really well and I think given how hot it’s been… it’s just going to add flavor to the stuff that we (offer) here,” he said.

The farm has two country-store locations – 287 Meriden-Waterbury Turnpike and 336 Long Bottom Road. Both offer the same produce and bakery items.

Victoria Germano, retail manager, said peaches, corn and apple cider donuts are her favorites. She has been working for the family-run business for nine seasons.

“Everything here is treated with care,” Germano said. “We want people to have a great experience coming in … and (leave) with smiles.”

The farm's professional pickers harvest the peaches, making sure that “the flavor is just right for our customers,” Rogers said. 

The store currently has Harbelle and Garnet Beauty peaches, and will harvest about six other varieties through September.

Apricots and plums grown on the farm are also available this time of year. Pears, nectarines and some apples will be available next month.

Susan Nattrass of Florida was visiting the Home Farm Salesroom at the Long Bottom Road location Friday.

She comes about once a week while she is in Connecticut for the summer. 

“Every year I look forward to Rogers opening,” Nattrass said. “Their corn, their peaches, their apricots, and all their produce is really great.”

Rogers will hold its annual Peach Festival on Aug. 18. With a purchase at the store, patrons get free ice cream sundaes with peaches. The festival has been held for more than 40 years. 

“(People) come from all over the area to share in that experience and celebrate the heart of the peach season,” Rogers said.
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