The latest real estate sales in Southington for Dec. 6 — Dec. 27. 

SOUTHINGTON — Property transfers reported from Dec. 6 – 27.

Anthony Pascariello and Nancy E. Pascariello to Sean S Hull and Sarah Hull, 34 Blossom Way, $575,000.

Ridgewood Properties LLC to Lisa T Murray, 147 Clark St., $320,000.

Tammy Quiles to Michael A Howard, 176 Atwater St. Unit 6, $185,000.

Amy J. Serrano to Susie Kulas, 2 Lois Ave., $247,000.

Scott Plunske to Jennifer A. Egan, 80 Peters Circle, $140,000.

Joyce A. Kogut LT and Joyce A. Kogut to Matthew P. Knox and Kaitlyn A. Knox, 51 Buckland St., $215,000.

Curits Morgan to Reka Mosely and Grzegorz Maslak, 604 Spring St., $400,000.

Leavitt LT and Earle J. Leavitt to Stanislav Laslychuk, 47 Luciano Drive, $391,000.

Thomas A. Halloway and Alice M. Holloway to Elizabeth Reeve, 26 Heritage Drive, $399,900.

Bethany Chiappetta to Jesse Francisquini and Lany Francisquini, 902 Marion Ave., $264,000.

Kayla Baker to Sean P. Coughlin, 23 Manor Road, $285,000.

Gary A. Clark to Karen Mayo, 253 West St. Unit O, $168,000.

Lauren A. Swayner to 175 Berlin Avenue LLC, 175 Berlin Ave. Unit 41, $270,000.

June P. Oleary to Robert Borkowski and Angel Rich, 460 Copper Ridge Road, $664,900.

George E. Wagner and Nancy L. Maigarie to Evan O. Olsson, 257 Manor Road, $299,000.

Caldera Investments LLC to Alexis S. Bukowski, 93 Berlin St., $240,000.

Donald E. Mckay to Sara C. Jennings and Christian S. Rupe, 106 Woodruff St., $350,000.

Charles Schultz and Sarah Schultz to Kiley Riedl and Matthew Riedl, 227 Sun Valley Drive, $378,000.

Gary Celella and Mary Celella to John Longo, 318 South End Road, $540,000.

Douglas V. Owens to Jamie Gargano and Steven L. Cameron, 590 Marion Ave., $398,500.

Laurie J. Bleau to Alex W. Lada, 80 Sun Valley Drive, $189,000.

Oscar H. Gimenez and Durelle L. Gimenez to Nicholas Tridico and Elizabeth Tridico, 43 Lucy Court, $355,000.

Francis J. Kenefick to Erynn Ludemann and Craig McCabe, 159 Sunnyslope Drive, $270,000.

Douglas F. Latham and Francine D. Latham to Alexander J. Ellett, 35 Surrey Lane, $260,000.

Ryan M. Gilroy to Christian Meola, 13 Zwicks Farm Road, $249,000.

Kate Pompei to Taylor L. Boucher and Ryan M. Dymarczyk, 44 Walnut St., $250,000.

John D. McManus and James M. McManus to Donald R. Melillo and Marilyn J. Melillo, 106 Timber Roadg Unit 106, $264,420.

Olga J. Distfano to Monika Rapp, 682 Ledgeview Court Unit 682, $270,000.

TWM Development LLC to Erin Flavin, 83 Dogwood Drive, $265,000.

Steve J. Fortin and Melanie H. Fortin to Michael Fisher and Madison Fisher, 35 Potomac Lane, $465,000.

Lucille Cocozza 3rd RET and Lucille Cocozza to Henry A. Pawelec and Deborah L. Pawelec, 318 Hart St., $525,000.

J S Adamowicaz Est and Michael A. Adamowicz to Robert Pask and Susan Zygmunt, 160 Flanders Road, $321,000.

Dolores A. Rovitallie to Ermal Etemi and Ferdia Kupa, 64 Muir Terrace, $335,000.

Kala Chand to Sean Golledge, 105 Juniper Road, $375,000.

Vishan Chamanial to Hayley Horzepa, 550 Darling St. Unit 6B, $162,000.

Barbara Ramsier Est and Robin Thompson to David J. Mikosz and Judith Bradlau, 22 Tanglewood Drive, $275,000.

Michael O. Fisher and Madison N. Fisher to Candace O. Zakrzewski, 23 Harness Drive, $353,000.

Timothy I. Michaels and Bridget A. Michaels to Jeffrey C. Creem and Lucille Testani, 69 Jody Lane, $519,000.

Dorothea F. Mazzocco to Danielle Dulisse, 861 S Main St. Unit 12, $178,000.

Michael E. Twerago to Jonathan Rodriguez, 2118 Meriden Waterbury Tpke Unit 2, $250,000.

Sridhar Bhyravavajhala and Kiranmayi Konuru to Niki E. Psanis, 185 West St. Unit 7, $305,000.

Paul R. Plourde RET and Paul R. Plourde to Diane Lebel, 90 Apple Gate Unit 84, $525,000.

Lanrebuilt LLC to Ridgewood Properties LLC, 200 Laning St., $137,500.


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