The latest real estate sales in Southington for Sept. 20 — 30.

The latest real estate sales in Southington for Sept. 20 — 30.

SOUTHINGTON — Property transfers reported from Sept. 20 – 30.

Andrew Kwecien to Barnard Slowik and Nicole Rudzinski, 26 Patula Court, $284,000.

David M. Oldham and Jill K. Sherwood to David Mercugliano and Judith Mercugliano, 141 Windward Place, $546,925.

Dolores Griffin to Ryan M. Lis and Melinga M. Mysliwiec, 68 South End Road, $240,000.

Marcel Lessard and Alison M. Lessard to Joseph M. Giannelli and Micah J. Vitale, 39 Vicki Lane, $365,000.

Christopher E. Borowy to Robert Dicosmo and Kristen M. Dicosmo, 144 Frost St., $305,000.

Tracy A. Kraft to Christopher Lombardi, 68 Wilbur St., $235,000.

Trevor Hayden to Deana Testa, 273 Pondview Drive, $223,000.

Raymond Garuti to Donald a. Descoteaux, 729 Mount Vernon Road, $198,570.

Thomas L. Coscia and Susan M. Coscia to Erik J. Gebel, 288 Laning St., $229,000.

Norma Wood EST and Rudolph Ravasio to 5 Charles St. LLC, 5 Charles St., $134,600.

John B. Sheehan and Susan A. Sheehan to Jonathan Sheehan, 614 Marion Ave., $170,000.

Patrick J. Thibodeau and Margaret V. Thibodeau to Laura Babiec, 156 Debbie Drive, $215,000.

Gregory F. Boulanger and Elizabeth Boulanger to William B. White, 1041 Old Turnpike Road, $262,000.

Everett D. Barnes and Cindy L. Barnes to Paula Morelli, 135 Plum Orchard Road, $137,000.

Robert E. Galati and Janet W. Galati to Nicholas Galati, 996 Meriden Waterbury Tpke Unit 2E, $95,000.

Irwin D. Backer to Tracy Kraft, 1048 S. Main St., Unit 5, $175,000.

Gloria A. Yurth to Jonathan Plourde, 40 Frost St., $242,000.

Denise A. Zercie to Payton Property Mgmet LLC, 146 Delahunty Drive, $170,000.

Tania Archambault to Marlene M. Kulesa, 118 Bristol St., $190,000.

Plaza Rebuilt to Plaza 24 LLC, 24 Plaza Ave., $157,000.

Steven W. Clarke to Samantha Brecher and Zachary Brecher, 180 Rolling Hill Lane, $221,500.

Douglas P. Albert EST to Michael Albert to Joel T. Mariani and Kara E. Mariani, 20 Maplewood Road, $253,050.

Ryan R. Lair to Alexa L. Barbino and KristianM. Harmeling, 2118 Meriden Waterbury, Tpke Unit 12, $228,000.

Baldwin Estates LLC to Ryan T. Hughes and Lauran LeBlanc, 7 Golden Russet Way, $330,000.

Mariani Construction LLC to Robert R. Lebrun and Donna H. Lebrun, 21 Mariani Drive, $457, 500.

FHLM to Daniel Hill, 500 Darling St., Unit 11A, $66,000.

Russell F. Gorman and Cheryl L. Sisko to John Sheehan and Susan Sheehan, 119 Buckland St., Unit B1, $255,000.