Soutington Property Transfers from June 27 — July 5.

SOUTHINGTON — Property transfers reported from June 27 – July 5.

John A. Kopcyk and Veronica Kopcyk to Sabriya Syed and Syed S. Parvez, 23 Hilltop Drive, $482,000.

Samantha L. Caiaze to Kerri Cavanaugh, 861 S. Main St. Unit 23, $183,750.

Rhonda L. Colborne RET and Rhonda L. Colborne to Todd J. Massedge and Monik Szarwacki-Massedge, 88 Steeplechase Drive, $805,000.

Jill A. Kulmann to Anthony T. Matusik and Fatma B. Matusik, 360 Winding Ridge, $1,000,000.

Robert O. Steers to Orange Peach Prop Mgmt, 273 Queen St. Unit 8A, $136,000.

Thomas Coonan Est and Mary E. Coonan to Richard N. Laferriere and Jaime L. Laferriere, 137 Nunzio Drive, $375,001.

Lisa M. Pessina and Kristy Pessina to Sarah E. Witherell and Kevin J. Witherell, 121 Olson Drive, $570,000.

Bradford Kelley and Gary Harris to Jennifer B. Jewett and Marykate Jewett, 115 Highwood Ave., $342,000.


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