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Southington Property Transfers from Aug. 17 — 25.

SOUTHINGTON — Property transfers reported from Aug. 17 – 25.

Jeffrey S. Payne and Carol J. Payne to Kari D. Wells and James T. Wells, 141 Carter Lane, $310,000.

Cheryl A. Galayda to Maria Fortuna, 5 Lakeview Drive Unit 5, $130,000.

Jeffrey H. Mockler to Howard Cook, 721 Berry Patch Way Unit 721, $272,500.

Brian A. Danko and Gary M. Danko to Danielle L. Skwiot and Zuzanna Bartnik, 26 Pheasant Run Road, $300,000.

Bonnie L. Kizilski to Kenneth R. Baur and Rachael R. Baur, 562 Spring St., $265,000.

Jasmine Quinones and Shelly H. Magel to Lauren Figliola, 40 Cornernerstone Court Unit 20, $185,000.

Sridhar Kavanolla to Carolyn R. Aiudi and Harrison Adams-Rutledge, 7 Florence Lane, $265,000.

Janet K. Caruso and Michael J. Caruso to Aaron Nikles, 315 Spring Lake Road, $475,000.

Andrew J. Ockey and Yisel Ockey to Donna Faust and Christopher Faust, 500 Darling St. Unit 17C, $127,450.

KWK Birchcrest LLC to Magdy Mohyeldin-Mohamed and Sanaa A. Seif, 96 Birchard Drive Unit 411, $339,000.


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