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Southington Property Transfers from Aug. 31 — Sept. 8

SOUTHINGTON — Property transfers reported from Aug. 31 – Sept. 8.

Gregory E. Festa and Jill C. Festa to Diazand Sons LLC, 60 Round Hill Road, $365,000.

Kimberly A. Jaramillo to Forrest M. Bly and Cassandra R. Simoneaux, 35 Milldale Ave., $275,000.

Barbara M. Falco and Anthony F. Falco to Barbara H. Digiacomo and Lawrence W. Digiacomo, 22 Huckleberry Lane, $383,000.

Justin Rossitto to William Browning and Brandi J. Vogel, 80 Forest Lane, $275,000.

Paul Pedroncelli to P2 Properties LLC, 8 S. Center St., $372,000.

Elsie J. Pinette T and Richard A. Pinette to Lillian Human, 9 Hickory Hill Unit 9, $184,783.

Eleanor R. Bandecchi Est and William Leach to Ryan Kle, 293 Spring Lake Road, $250,000.

Marvin Orenstein Est and Stacy L. Amos to Adrienne Jenkins, 550 Darling St. Unit 42D, $142,000.

Domenic C. Palazzo to David Christofani and Rosemarie Christofani, 95 Dunham St., $250,000.

Christopher Gray and Jaime Gray to Geoffrey Fang and Kristen Vitelli, 121 Pacer Lane, $692,000.

LJM Enterprises LLC to Elberra Amin, 500 Darling St. Unit 12T, $92,500.

Keith D. Okma and Donna M. Peters to Joseph W. Drexler and Mary A. Drexler, 416 Andrews St., $690,000.

Douglas A. Macary to Jillian Mcleavy and Ryan Flanders, 764 South End Road, $250,100.

Steven E. Kleiner to Karl J. Schiessl and Terri L. Schiessl, 218 Partridge Drive, $400,000.

Justin R. Thompson to Hilario A. Valdez and Glady Valdez, 343 Prospect St., $429,000.

Jocelyn E. Pelletier to Todd J. Pelletier, 278 Pilgrim Lane, $215,500.


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