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Southington Property Transfers from Sept. 8 — 13.

SOUTHINGTON — Property transfers reported from Sept. 8 – 13.

Donna Bouchard and Michael Bouchard to 78 Craig Avenue LLC, 78 Craig Ave., $187,500.

Dennis H. Camper and Sharon Camper to Kasey A. Fitch, 200 Manor Road, $425,000.

Drouin Prop Southington to Kathrine Jerin, 333 Songbird Lane Unit 333, $205,000.

Marvin Orenstein Est and Stacy L. Amos to Adrienne Jenkins, 550 Darling St., Unit 42D, $142,000.

Paul Pedroncelli to P2 Properties LLC, 8 S. Center St., $372,000.

Douglas M. Paradore and Debra A. Paradore to Debra A. Paradore, 36 Dunham St., $60,000.

RC VProperties LLC to Timothy Stankiewicz and April Armetta, 1048 S. Main St. Unit 31, $240,000.

Dana R. Singarella to Kevin E. Gardner and Kim Gardner, 245 Berlin Ave. Unit 9, $280,000.

Kevin Hanlon and Stephanie Hanlon to Ashley Borofsky, 72 Squires Drive, $375,000.

Robert Thomson and Patricia Thomson to Eric Marinaro and Hilary Marinaro, 9 Blue Hills Drive, $450,000.

Donna M. Pelletier to Samuel W. Harvey, 170 Sun Valley Drive, $205,000.

Steven Iglesias to Michael A. Figueroa and Loisa Figueroa, 229 Mill St., $399,900.


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