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Southington Property Transfers from July 17 — July 20.

SOTHINGTON — Property transfeers reported from July 17 – July 20.

Joseph V. St. Clair and Jean B. St. Clair to Darrik Muroski and Kathleen Spagnoletti, 26 Rockwood Drive, $625,000.

Mark F. Proffitt and Lisa C. Proffitt to Maeghan M. Chapman, 202 Belleview Ave., $345,000.

Rita M. Rizzo and Deborah Rizzo to Andrea Cusano, 109 Brookwood Drive, $420,000.

Nicholas Veltri and Karen Y Veltri to Justin Mcguire and Kristen Mcguire, 1433 Flanders Road, $480,000.

Kristen D Serratore to Lloyd Dame, 30 Prosperity Court Unit 12, $365,000.


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