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Southington Property Transfers from July 24 — Aug. 7

SOUTHINGTON — Property transfers reported from July 24 – Aug. 7.

Michael Litke and Danielle Litke to Charles Healy and Allison Solliday, 42 Ashwell Drive, $490,000.

Peter J. Narus to Marilyn Bindas, 46 Village Road Unit 46, $197,000.

Freedom Property LLC to Tiffany Amos, 23 Charles St., $337,500.

Michael A. Eruzione and Megan A. Eruzione to Robert T. Stewart and Roberta J. Stewart, 465 Copper Ridge Road, $1,325,000.

Doris M. Defelice and Nicholas F. Defelice to Daniel L. Stainback, 158 Saddlebrook Path, $440,000.

Joan Marie Crown Est and Thomas J. Costello to Stephen Borgnis and Christine Borgnis, 31 Coach Drive Unit 31, $195,000.

Dennis Daigneault Est and Robert Vargo to Charli Wolf Prop LLC, 269 Pleasant St., $230,000.

Rachael S. Deangelo to Ashley Vaughn and Wayne Douglas, 500-R Jude Lane, $475,000.

Deborah J. Romero to Beth A. Merkle, 12 Darling St. Unit F, $150,500.

Ted J. Labowski and Sherelyn M. Labowski to Cezary Karwowski and Angelika Karwowski, 123 Churchill St., $611,000.

Steven Kennedy and Latanya Kennedy to M D T-Vielma, 273 Queen St. Unit 6C, $200,000.

Wanda J. Casey to Ujjwal Gupta and Rimjhim Tailor, 108 Macintosh Way, $650,000.

Francis L. Summa and Mine Summa to George R. Zownir and Kristin D. Gilbert, 486 Mulberry St., $550,000.

Cynthia E. Conrad RET and Cynthia E. Conrad to Hunter J. Mercuriano, 15 Charles St., $252,500.

Anthony Debisschop and Lori A. Debisschop to Nicholas G. Defelice and Kimberly A.Ricker, 272 Pin Oak Drive, $620,000.

Jeffrey S. Poirier and Jennifer W. Poirier to Kyle Boucher and Sarah Mangiafico, 241 Woodberry Hill Drive, $545,000.

Ernest G. Blaney Est and Ann-Marie Deluco to Joseph Snell, 40 Plum Orchard Road, $230,000.

Gary J. Fox to Kelly Hafele and Caleb J. Hafele, 419 W. Center St., $331,000.


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