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The latest real estate sales in Southington for  June 25 – July 15.

The latest real estate sales in Southington for  June 25 – July 15.

SOUTHINGTON — Property transfers reported from June 25 – July 15.

Shawn M. Donovan and Julie P. Donovan to Karolina Nichols and Bnjamin J. Nichols, 502 Hart St., $409,000.

Richard S. Segal and Robin A. Segal to Jerry Addona, 67 Deckert Drive, $277,000.

Joseph L. Telfer and Gina Telfer to Tracy M. Pentalow, 217 Malcein Drive, $283,000.

Michael D. Lopresti and Sara M. Lopresti to Sean A. Heald, 55 Marboy Drive, $310,000.

Karen L. Condon and Andrew S. Chesanek to Roger F. McQuiggan, 674 Ledgeview Court, $231,000.

Carleen C. Kenyon EST and Kathleen M. Kenyon to Nancy Lapointe and Stephen Lapointe, 697 South End Road, Unit 17, $210,000.

Patricia a. Ianniello and Robert E. Ianniello to Eamon P. Flannery and Kathryn E. Flannery, 164 Woodberry Hill Drive, $405,000.

Monica Dubois to James F. Lynes and Darlene Warner, 19 Susan Lane, $324,900.

Gary J. Bouchard and Denis Bouchard to Carlos Cartagena and Natalie Ventura, 52 Pine Drive, $340,000.

Freedom Property LLC to Justin Burke and Jeana Burke, 32 Jeremy Woods Drive, $370,000.

Karolina J. Kucharski and Artur K. Kucharski to James T. Marks and Katie M. Harrott-Marks, 196 Annelise Ave., $375,000.

John A. Mirisola and Sharon L. Mirisola to Paul Hushin and Jennifer Marquis, 180 Mandel Drive, $315,000.

Katlyn Noble to Zoe M. Fanolis, 35 College Ave., $230,000.

Dennis Charette to Conrad R. Alicki and Rebecca E. Alicki, 1448 West St., $319,900.

Michael A. Cardinale and Donna Demetri to Karen Slonus, 9 Wilbur St., $185,000.

Denise A. Mongillo to Melissa Caballero and Nicholas Meister, 344 Andrews St., $650,000.

FHLM to Zachary Forman, 360 Burritt St., $150,000.

Sandra F. Kusinski to Sue P. Ledversis and Ryan J. Hannan, 140 Yorktown Road, $295,000.

Andrea L. Fisher to Meghan Feeney and Nicolas P. Dzioba, 144 Huckleberry Lane, $402,000.

Philip V. Puleo and Anna C. Puleo to Brittany L. Dominello, 247 Defashion St., $247,500.

Donna Thibeault and Myrna E. Rivera to Kellie Brooks-Smith, 697 South End Road, $200,000.

Brian M. Shaughnessy and Kathleen Shaughnessy to Alfred R. Bettencourt and ArjanaBettencourt, 68 Holly Hill Drive, $402,000.

Albert W. Dance and Mary L. Dance to Elizabeth B. Heil and Eric M. Heil, 244 Jude Lane, $420,000.

Lee Levesque and Susan Levesque to Krzysztof Sasiela and K J. Sasieladziubek, 55 Paul Heights, $370,000.

Marcy Kelly and Christopher M. Kelly to Colleen Picone, 18 Franklin St., $209,000.

Karen A. Formeister to Jonathan J. Blais, 191 Frost St., $205,000.

Eduardo D. Almeida and Andeline S. Almeida to Brittny Wieloch and Justin Nazarenus, 24 Rejean Road, $275,000.

Nicholas Dzioba to Alexander B. Silva and Alexandria Nogas, 31 Candlewood Lane, $282,000.

FNMA to Philip Rokosa, 110 Deer Run, $245,000.

Landmark Realty Group LLC to Tyler J. Meccariello, 124 Carter Lane, $200,000.

KS Development LLC to KRistina Muradyan and Varazdat Aghabekyan, 23 Prosperity Court, $239.093.

KS Development LLC to Roman Bulyk and Nataliia, 25 Prosperity Court, $329,900.

Plaza 24 LLC to Dennis Slight and Deborah Slight, 24 Plaza Ave., $344,000.

Allen R. Moore and Margaret Scanlon-Moore to Kimberly Myska and Gregory Myska, 121 Foley Drive, $235,000.

Rebecca F. Stath and Rebecca Dougherty to John Kiley and Melissa Kiley, 75 Pleasant St., $280,000.

Tara Doyle to Lily R. Blanchet, 269 Spring Lake Road, $189,000.

Robert E. Lebrun and Donna H. Lebrun to Ervis Fazo, 30 Potomac Lane, $335,000.

Matthew D. Farmer to Glenn T. Greco and Garry Greco, 8 Darling St., Unit B, $82,500.

Justin Burker to Kevin J. Cop and Michelle H. Federico, 52 Bruce Ave., $285,000.

Donna M. Benson and Jason C. Benson to Michael E. Carroll and Marian A. Carroll, 93 River Crest Drive, $319,000.

Ruth M. Knothe EST and Keith B. Egan to Altieri FT, 30 Prosperity Court, $275,000.

Guy Fletcher and Laura Fletcher to Gretchen E. Wade and Eric C. Wade, 500 Mill St., Unit 10, $285,000.

Lovley Development Inc., to Rebecca Stath and John Statch, 97 Oakmont Way. $499,900.

Fral LLC to Melissa Maffeo and William H. Maffeo, 22 Fragola Drive, $526,900.

Amy Kline and Eric Kline to Nadira Chowdhury, 500 Darling St., Unit 20C, $125,000.

Lovley Development Inc., to Lois A. Carrier and David J. Carrier, Kings Ridge Condon, Unit 15, $388,000.

Lovley Development Inc., to Patricia A. Ianniello and Robert E. Ianniello, Kings Ridge Condo, Unit 1, $368,730.

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