The latest real estate sales in Southington for Oct. 2 — 23.

 SOUTHINGTON — Property transfers reported from Oct. 2 – 23.

Amanda Stern to Nicholas J. Doktycz and Taylor Doktycz, 143 Curtiss St., $349,000.

Richard J. Dailey and Laura C. Dailey to David B. Henry, 88 Birchcrest Drive, $285,000.

Gennaro Degregorio to Samer Mahmoud, 21 Farmingberry Drive, $640,000.

Keith Lebouthillier and Allison Lebouthillier to Robert Hallak, 633 Mulberry St., $250,000.

Niraj Kataria and Ditech Financial LLC to Wilmington Svgs Fund Soc, 88 Churchill St., $269,000.

Susan L. Revoir to Desiree M. Piatek and Adam C. Piatek, 198 Savage St., $400,000.

Lynsey Fishbein and Lynsey Eite to Joel Otero, 20 Darling St. Unit D, $122,000.

Homes At Ridgeview LLC to Kazimierz Kapusta and Danuta Kapusta, 1985 West St. Unit 18, $235,550.

Kimberly Sciuto to Nicole Jutras, 73 Pinecrest Drive, $220,000.

John Schlander and Robin Schlander to Kara Riley, 57 Delahunty Drive, $310,000.

Becca Main-Kohli to Luke J. Soltesz and Aubrey Baker, 125 Highwood Ave., $254,500.

Charles D. Cardillo, Sr LT and Charles D. Cardillo to George Morgan, 207 N. Star Drive, $385,000.

Raymond Brochu Est and Daniel F. Massucci to Anne M. Loveland, 508 Carriage Drive Unit 508, $135,000.

Land W. Rental Properties LLC to Stephen C. Kalkowski and Debra M. Kalkowski, 119 Milldale Ave., $261,000.

Classic Designs LLC to John Cipolli and Valerie Cipolli, 15 Whitlock Ave., $260,000.

Mitchell Longley and Deborah Longley to Michelle Taylor, 625 Savage St., $355,000.

Bartosz Migalski to Kailee A. Brown, 127 Burritt St. Unit 3, $235,000.

Jonas Riccitelli to Renaldo Riccitelli and Sylvia Riccitelli, 37 West St., $265,000.

John Zimmerman and Laurie Zimmerman to Eric R. Jankowski and Aliexis L. Greenwood, 315 Bristol St., $266,900.

Toscana Real Estate Ents to Angelo M. Delieto, 156 Bristol St., $255,000.

Lovley Development Inc to Haley Brown and Taylor Brown, 119 Williams St., $328,000.

Jamie L. Rinaldi to Jared Percyz, 55 Columbus Blvd Unit 10, $215,000.

DRA Eden Avenue LLC to Claudia Sanchez and William E. Montealegre, 39 Eden Ave. Unit 4, $239,900.

Jean B. Bouchard and Christina M. Bouchard to JCE Home Improvement LLC, 536 Canal St., $135,000.

Joanne Christolini to Donna Obrien, 4 Village Road Unit 4, $163,000.

Denise Laframboise to Frank J. Cataldo and Mary G. Bassett, 281 Wood Lot Path Unit 281, $240,000.

Doran Family T. and Barbara Doran to Richard White and Joy White, 562 S. Farms Court Unit 562, $208,000.

Russell Osborn to Lynette Pieta, 226 Berlin St., $246,000.

William C. Linehan to Richard Hoffman and Rebecca Hoffman, 65 Virginia Drive, $312,000.

Maier Properties LLC to Kelly Cole and Brandon Buckman, 459 N. Main St., $395,000.

USA HUD to Michelle Hook, 12 Darling St. Unit M, $65,000.

Rita F. Paradis to Charles W. Liedke and Amanda K. Liedke, 276 N. Star Drive, $712,500.

Donna M. Rabideau to Eric Judd, 135 Howard Ave., $319,000.

Thomas R. Wilks and Janine Wilks to Keith Lebouthllier and Allison Lebouthillier, 141 Fern Drive, $300,000.

Agnieszka Ksiazak and Mariusz Ksiazak to Michael J. Zappulla, 82 Cianci Drive, $338,900.

Richard Uliasz to John Perriello and Donna Perriello, 26 Peters Circle, $152,000.

Alina Duszak to Jenna L. Michaud and Nicholas Michaud, 115 Washington Drive, $409,900.

Samer Mahmoud to Lawrence Liseo, 89 Shweky Lane, $364,000.

Michael C. Serrano to Robert Pascale and Kellie Pascale, 23 Mariondale Drive, $267,500.

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