Real estate sales in Southington from March 22 to 29.

Real estate sales in Southington from March 22 to 29.

SOUTHINGTON — Property transfers reported from March 22 to 29.

John Condelles and Wilmington Svgs Fund Soc to Anthony D. Collins, 64 Hightower Road, $560,904.

Jessica Apone to Trey Bongiovanni and Kate E. Bongiovanni, 100 Pacer Lane, $437,000.

Chris Welmannid and Wilmington Svgs Fund Soc to Kenneth J. Carlta, 165 Old Farms Road, $221,848.

Dennie L. Leach and Francine M. Leach to Steven A. Cifone, 130 Roxbury Road, $435,000.

Southington 2 LLC to Brian Peterson and Anne M. Peterson, 11 W. Center St., $208,900.   

Wieslawa Dudek and Andrzej to Farhana Rana and Sadikbaba Rana, 1175 S. Main St., Unit 13, $255,000. 

Fernando P. Monteleone to Amado Leonardo and Helen J. Aban, 60 Blossom Way, $439,900.

Catherine L. Hricik and Charlesa J. Hricik to Dorri R. Mendes and Jose Mendies, 50 Canterbury Lane, $370,000.

216 Lawncrest LLC to Jerry D. Hoglen and Alexandra D. Hoglen, 216 Lawncrest Drive, $255,000.

Michael William and Pingora Loan Servicing, to Pingora Loan Servicing, 51 Cambridge Drive, $16,640.

Russell Hodgson and Jennifer Hodgson to Bernard J. Ellott and Cynthia A. Elliott, 33 Victoria Drive, $320,000.

Barbara J. Jagielski and Bank of New York Mellon to Anthony S. Tennyson, 87 Westwood Road, $317,500.

Anna M. Tonon to Louira Gozzino and Theresa Ragozzino, 30 Prosperity Court, Unit 4, $295,000.

Alyson Grishm to Kevin Lopes and Nicole Lopes, 160 Whistling Straits Drive, $560,000.

Classic Designs LLC to Michael J. Morley, 42 Carter Lane, $229,000.