The latest real estate sales in Southington for June 20 to July 1.

The latest real estate sales in Southington for June 20 to July 1.

 The following properties have no photos.

Steven G. Allegretti and Ayla S. Allegretti to Darrin McKay and Patricia Keaney, 66 Lee Drive, $374,900.

Jocquel Johnson and Kate Johnson to Keith Collin and Melanie Warner, 68 Raynor St., $235,300.

Sandra D. Macioce to David P. Therrien, 697 South End Road, Unit 30, $213,500.

Craig P. Langdon and Linda C. Langdon to Shaina Smiles, 48 Tanya Court, $259,000.

George P. Frisina to Maria A. Quartuccio, 66 Pratt St., $138,000.

Kristofer A. Stokes amd Lisa A. Stokes to Raffaele Tancredi, 219 Mill St., $265,000.

John A. Colaccino to Michael J. Willard and Carli R. Willard, 138 Holly Hill Drive, $420,000.

Donald H. Berg IRT and Scott M. Berg to Michael J. Podsiad and Katharine J. Lee, 50 Annelise Ave., $248,000.

James Lester to James P. Covaleski and Jessica L. Covaleski, 12 Patula Court, $355,000.

John J. Klikna EST and Todd Lake to Shaley Ainsworth and Ian Ainsworth, 25 Sylvia Court, $260,000.

Matthew J. Gereg to Jordan Quilty and Cami Quilty, 40 Jeffrey Lane, $245,000.

Melissa Stark to Robert Z. Gauvin and Anna K. Gauvin, 46 Matthews St., $171,800.

Kelly P. Rocha to Emily A. Pelosi, 81 Autumn Drive, $289,900.

John K. Kahn to Jeffrey Wandrak, 1048 S. Main St., Unit 24, $195,000.

Lisa S. Reider to Keith V. Radziwon and Keagan M. Radziwon, 41 Beverly Drive, $410,000.

Tammie S. Owen to Jason Leggitt and Karen Leggitt, 799 Laning St., $320,000.

Joshua D. Turci and Jeremy Gomes, 1 Paul Heights, $233,000.

Gordon Fenwick and Meredith L. Fenwick to Jill Cannata, 38 Lynwood Drive, $220,000.

David P. Roy and Gina T. Roy to Gordon A. Fenwick to Meredith L. Fenwick, 195 Roseanna Road, $361,800.

Shane T. West to David Natzel, 210 Buckland St., $299,000.

Ethel Jansen RT and Arlene J. Jalowiecki to Benjamin P. Allen, 58 Dale Drive, $190,000.

James P. Covalski and Jessica L. Covaleski to David Lucian and Alana R. Lokites, 18 Birchcrest Drive, $200,000.

Michael J. McMurtry and Valerie Angelillo to Jonathan A. Harding, 374 Belleview Ave., $198,000.

Elizabeth S. Szostak to Roanld G. Serafino and Nancy B. Serafino, 256 Bristol St., $250,000.

Suzette Muskatello to Jeffrey M. Vernick, 175 Berlin Ave., Unit 63, $205,000.

Christine Ford to Justine M. Levasseur, 245 Snow Owl Drive, Unit 245, $189,900.

Janice Machado and Bank of American NA to Nationstar Mortgage LLC, 263 Carriage Drive, $185,000.

Adeline W. Grzesczyk EST and Bernadette B. Grzesczyk to Lewis T. Balsizer, 971 Woodruff St., $237,000.

Elizabeth A. Brennan and Susan Cianci to Michael F. Rocco and Theresa A. Rocco, 39 Debbie Drive, $195,000.

Suzannah L. Rohman to Lauren H. Josenhans, 20 Little Fawn Road, $248,500.

USA HUD to James Fuller, 13 Darling St., Unit M, $61,000.

Classic Designs LLC to Virginia Blachette, 70 Dunham St., $237,000.

Grace Gulli to Kim L. Palmer and Nathaniel B. Palmer, 500 Mill St., Unit 1, $282,500.

Claudia S. Maldonado to Jesse Lowe and Carlos A. Esguerra, Southington Manor Condo, Unit 10A, $950,000.

David C. Ainsworth and Karen M. Tie to Jennifer Dusablon, 215 Ciccio Road, $430,000.