Southington Property Transfers from July 15 — Aug. 1.

SOUTHINGTON — Property transfers reported from July 15 – Aug. 1.

Christine M. Terwilleger and David A. Terwilleger to Nicholas Terwilleger and Nicole Terwilleger, 40 Potomac Lane, $369,000.

Timothy Mcgowan to Christine Cusano, 55 Columbus Ave. Unit 18, $255,000.

Jeremy Wieloch to Gopa K. Valsala and Lashmi Arunachalam, 277 N. Ridge Court, $769,000.

Patrick M. Bauer and Katherine M. Delprato to Christopher A. Dougherty and Erin I. Dougherty, 442 Prospect St., $450,000.

Robert D. Leeper and Gina A. Divirgilio to Andre A. Mcbean, 116 West St., $315,500.

George Robitaille and Cheryl Robitaille to Jeremy Edmonds and Jennifer Edmonds, 172 Marcy Drive, $435,000.

David C. Alexander and Donna N. Alexander to Francine Crystal, 213 Wedgewood Road, $650,000.

Marianne Logus to Antonio Lavoy, 1461 Meriden Ave., $260,000.

Lester H. Duchnowski and Grace S. Duchnowski to Edlir Myrtollari, 245 Annelise Ave., $640,000.

Elizabeth U. Stanley to Laurie Jamele and Chris Petruzzi, 1422 Marion Ave., $235,000.

Russell A. Winslow to Marston FT and Halina Marston, 256 Pondview Drive, $290,000.

Jason Hubeny and Carolyn Hubeny to Luis Martinez and Stacie Martinez, 459 Marion Ave., $464,900.

Magdalena Trzonkowski and Marek A. Bankowski to Natalie J. Grodzki and Ryan Parchinski, 278 Berlin Ave., $380,000.

James P. Macchio to Enrico Delgreco and Guiseppina Cajigas, 240 Berlin Ave., $321,000.

70-72 Berlin Avenue LLC to Kathryn P. Peel and Noah A. Sheffy, 70 Berlin Ave., $275,000.

Dolores J. Conway to Diane M. Ciarlo, 251 Carriage Drive Unit 251, $260,000.

58 Oak LLC to Christopher P. Wright, 58 Oak St., $275,000.

Edlir Myrtollari to Louis Delage and Laurie Genovese, 55 Debbie Drive, $340,500.

Hillcrest Homes LLC to Venkateswar Reddy and Nandi Reddy, 9 Magnolia Way, $575,500.

Amanda L. Meyer to Dayesha C. Mejia and Nychelle T. Mitchell, 41 Minthal Drive, $315,000.

Linda E. Smith to Mark A. Grasso and Thomas Liquori, 234 Moore Hill Drive, $133,000.

Dana Chalupka to Holly K. Atkinson and Charles Jardine, 33 Johanna Circle, $355,000.

Fatma B. Matusik to David Lemery and Jade Lemery, 80 Devonshire Drive, $690,000.

Robert J. Lien to Elaine E. Meccariello, 71 River Crest Drive Unit 71, $470,000.

Sylvia V. Covino T and Stephen O. Allaire to Jonathan Andrew and Diane Andrew, 36 Buckland St. Unit 8, $325,000.

Jacquelyn M. James and Trevor E. James to Joshua C. Fazzino and Shawna S. Sycz, 81 Nosahogan Drive, $359,900.

Daniel J. Gardner and Sarah A. Gardner to Nancy A. Cannatelli, 149 Lawncrest Drive, $340,000.

Alan P. Ricciardone to Azzad Ishmael and Maureen Ishmael, 1048 S. Main St. Unit 35, $240,000.

Diane M. Woolley to Amos Turner and Afton Turner, 168 Farmingberry Drive, $1,200,000.

Lynn A. Negaro to Joshua C. Felton, 55 Columbus Blvd Unit 15, $262,000.

Julie Roy Est and Whitehead and Munson Conservt to Kassandra L. Moreno and Ryan K. Spears, 20 Charles St., $275,000.

Susan G. Pierpont Est and Ronald Dehnel to Shannon Underhill, 13 Berkley Ave., $240,000.

Deborah A. Brooks to Matthew R. Boczar, 175 Berlin Ave. Unit 8, $252,500.

Thomas W. Carroll and Lisa A. Carroll to Michele Kobryn, 278 Crest Road, $590,000.

Billy G. Givens to Gaurav Singhal and Priya Gupta, 188 N. Ridge Court, $826,000.

June M. Weiss to Anita L. Santamaria, 253 West St. Unit 3, $198,000.


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