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The latest real estate sales in Southington for Aug. 6 – 22.

The latest real estate sales in Southington for Aug. 6 – 22.

SOUTHINGTON — Property transfers reported from Aug. 6 – 22.

US Bank NA Tr to Yang Chen, 20 Holland View Drive, $511,000.

Peter Luciano and Lauren Luciano to Cody N. Gill and Meghan E. Gill, 1048 Marion Ave., $429,000.

Timothy G. Singler and Sharon Singler to Miguel Adelino and Emily Adelino, 18 Barbara Lane, $448,000.

Ero C. Selander and Linda E. Selander to Brian Tousignant and Ellen Tousignant, 223 Westwood Road, $526,100.

Edward T. Warych and Lisa M. Warych to Mutasim Alsoud, 77 Silver Oak Circle, $472,500.

Marc R. Apfelbaum and Jason S. Famigletti to Christopher M. O’Connor and Ashley S. O’Connor, 156 Nunzio Drive, $390,000.

USA HUD to Brian Perrella, 8 Carter Heights, $112,222.

John A. Boodley and Bank of New York Mellon to Bank of New York Mellon Tr., 283 Spring Lake Road, $158,000.

Lorenzo 2006 IRT and Michael Lorenzo to Cheryl J. Moran, 10 Brooklane Road, $192,000.

Marlene A. Kurzweil EST and Paul E. Whitaker to Ricardo M. Paredes and Monica A. Paredes, 86 Butler Ave., $153,000.

Alexander Fennell to Brandan W. Holmquist and Melissa M. Loehle, 368 Jude Lane, $285,000.

Joseph R. Allen and Lanell H. Allen to John M. Shugrue and Christina Shugrue, 28 Lucy Court, $369,000.

Peter P.  Ryiz to Justin M. Bevan and Alissa M. Bevan, 133 Meriden Ave., $330,000.

Ralph Heidenberg to Lawrence S. Cohen, 103 Timber Ridge, $103,000.

Robert Genereau FT and Donna J. Genereau to Gabriel H. Arce, 553 W. Center St. Ext., $265,000.

Renaldo Riccitelli and Sylvia Riccitelli to Jonas Riccitelli and Kelly Riccitelli, 52 Gallant Drive, $380,000.

Marolidew LT and Thomas Banner to Robert Segal, 35 Craig Ave., $121,500.

Robert E. White and Marie A. White to Freedom Property LLC, 100 Buena Vista Drive, $140,000.

Side Street Realty LLC to Aidan R. Gerety and Devan S. Labaire, 656 South End Road, $235,000.

CT Victory Home Solutions to Eric S. Spooner, 224 Frost St., $285,000.

Joseph P. Knapp to Webster Bank NA to Daniel Morrone, 124 Southington Ave., $132,100.

Antonio V. Martinez and Brenda K. Martinez to Dean E. Loucks and Cynthia M. Loucks, 540 W. Center St. Ext., $324,900.

Violet M. Dudzik RET and Mary E. Dudzik to Plaza Rebuilt LLC, 24 Plaza Ave., $100,000.

Albert J. Dudzik, Jr. RET and Mary E. Dudzik to West Center Rebuilt LLC, 274 W. Center St., $80,000.

Payton Property Mgmt LLC to Edna O. Johnson, 116 Timber Ridge, $219,900.

Donald Descoteaux to Peter J. Siarkowski, 46 Jude Lane, $150,000.

Jonathan N. Richter and Sherri Richter to Daniel S. Arena, 204 Curtis St., $195,000.

USA HUD to Kristi M. Kenney, 273 Queen St., 1B $68,000.

Brian Tousignant to Kara Bergeron and Todd Bergeron, 36 Luciano Drive, $285,000.

Kelley S. McLellan to David P. Aiudi, 563 Shuttle Meadow Road, $425,000.

Andea Calano to Dorothy A. Robinson, 185 West St., Unit 2, $220,000.

Himansju Rajgor to Raza Zaidi and Afroze Raza, 181 N. Ridge Court, $599,000.

Morgan Jansson and Lisa A. Jansson to Eric Kline and Amy Kline, 500 Darling St., Unit 20C, $95,000.

Philip Prata and Gisele Prata to Kevin Williams and Ana Lizcano-Williams, 107 Webster Park Road, Unit 88, $412,000.

Applegate Estate LLC to Timothy W. Ragali and Diane B. Ragali, 90 Apple Gate Unit 134, $385,000.