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16th Senate District Candidates

Vickie Nardello (D)

Party: Democrat.
Residence: Prospect.
Occupation: Adjunct professor, health policy.
Education: B. S., dental hygiene education, University of Bridgeport, Master of Science, health education, Southern Connecticut State University.
Platform: Economic development to stimulate job creation. Keeping health care affordable. Supporting and expanding the opportunity for higher education. Fiscal responsibility and accountability.
Other: Former state legislator, represented the 89th House District. Daughter Megen and two granddaughters. Endorsed by the Connecticut League of Conservation Voters, Mothers Against Gun Violence, Planned Parenthood, American Federation of Teachers, AFL-CIO and the American Association of University Professors.

Rob Sampson (R)

Party: Republican.
Age: 49.
Residence: Wolcott.
Occupation: Realtor/Insurance Agent.
Education: Attended Central Connecticut State University.
Platform: Make Connecticut a more affordable and attractive place to live, work, raise a family, get a job, run a business, and a retire. Protect education funding for the district. Restore American values and principles in our state government. Defend the constitutional rights and civil liberties of my constituents.
Other: Endorsed by the Independent Party of Connecticut, State representative for the 80th District – Wolcott & Southington 2011-2018.


Where they stand

Choose a topic below to see where the candidates stand on each issue.


Vickie Nardello's Stance: Nardello said the state shouldn’t be “picking winners and losers” by giving incentives to companies who leave the state. She hopes to simplify small-business regulations.

“We need to reinvest in our communities, by prioritizing the funds that we do have for cleaning up contaminated brownfields; working with UConn, Yale, and other higher education partners to develop advanced-manufacturing and bioscience centers of research, innovation, and excellence; and promoting transit-oriented development to stimulate downtown neighborhoods,” she said.

Rob Sampson's Stance: Sampson said the state needs new leadership and a new direction that will streamline the state and encourage entrepreneurial activity.

“For businesses, cut regulations and corporate taxes. For seniors, prevent property tax increases and eliminate taxes on Social Security and pensions. For graduates, create a robust economy with jobs. We can change our policies as a state to better compete,” he said.


Rob Sampson's Stance:Sampson said keeping state cuts from affecting the district’s education funding was a priority. He’s also worked to focus resources on the classroom.

“Restore local control of education to towns. Each community is different and elects its own Board of Education to make policy. I believe in this system and will work to reverse costly unfunded state mandates that attempt to treat all towns and cities as if they are the same,” he said.

State Budget

Vickie Nardello's Stance: Nardello said the legislature must frequently evalute the effectiveness of programs to eliminate waste and duplication of effort.

“In order to determine ways to economize so that tax dollars are used wisely, I will look toward regionalization where feasible, changing how projects are put out to bid, implementing changes in the school construction process and consulting with employees to find savings,” she said.

Public Safety

Vickie Nardello's Stance: Nardello said she supported public safety measures following the Petit home invasion of 2007 that created the new home invasion charge and made some crimes inelligible for parole.

“I believe that repeat criminal offenders should be ineligible for the state’s Risk Reduction Earned Credit Program which is already among the most stringent jail credit programs in the US,” she said.

Rob Sampson's Stance: Sampson opposes policies that allow violent offenders out of jail early. He’s proposed legislation aimed at getting illegal guns off the streets, supports gun rights for elligible residents and wants more school resource officers.

“I have led the fight against sanctuary city policies in the Connecticut legislature and have vigorously opposed policies that create an incentive for criminal aliens to come to our state and prey upon lawful and undocumented residents — driver’s licenses, entitlements etc.,” Sampson said.


Rob Sampson's Stance: Sampson said improving infrastructure is important but said implementing tolls or new taxes isn’t the way to pay for it.

“With new priorities, the state can afford to do so within current revenues. There is no need for more taxes or tolls. Any additional burdens on state residents will cause declining revenues and increase the exodus to other states,” he said.


Vickie Nardello's Stance: Nardello said as a legislator, she helped establish a green bank which provided loans for green energy projects. She supports the preservation of open space.

“As a state we need to support policies that combat climate change and to take every opportunity to educate people about climate change,” she said.

Rob Sampson's Stance: Sampson said he’s supported legislation to preserve open space, protect endangered species, thwart animal cruelty and clean brownfield sites.

“I am a sportsman and love the outdoors and want to see it protected for future generations. I am proud to have served as a member of the Environment committee in the state legislature,” he said.