A harmonious blend of music, activism and charity 

A harmonious blend of music, activism and charity 

The Connecticut Gay Men’s Chorus was founded in 1986, the first organization of its kind in the state. According the organization “CTGMC has been a proud member of the LGBT choral movement which helped galvanize and change the course of LGBT history.”

The chorus prides itself on an “accomplished mix of high-caliber performance, community activism, empowerment and inclusiveness.”

The group’s artistic director is Greg McMahan. Members come from all around the state – and don’t necessarily identify as gay.   

The CTGMC is both a choral arts organization and a social change agent, according to a recent press release, which also stated, that, “The chorus performs at, as well as supports, an ever-increasing number of community outreach organizations to raise funds and awareness of social and LGBT programs. We aim to portray the very best of the gay community in an authentic way. And, to further our mission of building bridges between the gay community and the community at large, we now welcome men of all orientations to join us in song and fellowship.”

The CTGMC is a member of the New Haven Arts Council, the Shoreline Arts Alliance and GALA, the Gay and Lesbian Association of Choruses. The group dedicates 10% of its ticket sales to programs that serve the gay community. 


Though the CTGMC has not been able to hold in-person events since early in 2020, it has produced virtual content for its audience and has supported community organizations, such as food pantries.

Video content is available on the CTGMC’s YouTube channel:  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCBvYafUgWQQ2KxqBurkpe-g/featured

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