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Berlin and Plainville students honor local veterans 

Berlin and Plainville students honor local veterans 

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Berlin and Plainville students paid tribute to local veterans in honor of Veterans Day.

Berlin held its program at Berlin High School Thursday night in the auditorium. Veterans and their family members attended along with students, faculty and town officials.

“Their struggles and death are not wasted on me, I’m truly grateful for all they’ve sacrificed,” said Lindsey Leary, an 8th grade student at McGee Middle School.

Leary and three other classmates spoke about how veterans influenced their generation. 

“Because of them a bright future for us is possible,” said Bailey Backlaski, also an 8th grade student at McGee Middle School.

A slideshow was presented displaying wars from the Revolutionary War to the Iraq and Afghanistan War.

High school students described each war and then read passages from soldiers who fought in the war.

“It is a way to say ‘we remember,’ ” said Jeffrey Cronk, Berlin High School social studies department chair. “We do remember them and honor them all.”

The Berlin High School band and choral singers later performed “Armed Forces- The Pride of America” while veterans in the audience stood and were  recognized.

On Friday, veterans were recognized with the same medley at Middle School of Plainville, where students and veterans gathered for a Veterans Day program.

Military speakers, who answered questions from students, described their duties overseas and how they got involved in the military.

At Plainville High School over 50 veterans and their families were treated to a hot breakfast in the cafeteria.

“It’s a much bigger turnout than we had last year,” said Roberto Medic, Plainville High principal.

For several years, Plainville students have attended school on Veterans Day.

Superintendent of Schools Maureen Brummett said the day is a chance to recognize and honor local veterans.

“I know what goes into being a military member and a military family member,” Brummett said.

Her stepson is currently on active duty in the air force.

Faculty members and staff were also recognized for their service as veterans.

“I think it’s wonderful that we can celebrate veterans,” Medic said. “as well as give students the opportunity to be here and celebrate with them.”Berlin will hold a formal Veterans Day ceremony at Veterans Memorial Park today starting at 11 a.m.
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