Governor's relative resigns from job as a personal assistant

Governor's relative resigns from job as a personal assistant

HARTFORD, Conn. (AP) — Connecticut’s governor has accepted the resignation of a personal assistant after it was reported the employee was a relative.

Charles Lamont Wolcott resigned Wednesday, shortly after taking the job as Democratic Gov. Ned Lamont’s “bodyman,” a position with an annual salary of $52,000.

The position involves accompanying the governor on his daily appearances, arranging details such as transportation, food, briefing papers and interviews with the media.

The resignation came after Hearst Connecticut reported on the hiring of Wolcott, who is the son of the governor’s cousin.

Connecticut’s ban on nepotism applies only to immediate family members, and Lamont was not required to notify the Office of State Ethics before hiring Wolcott.

A series of videos featuring the 35-year-old Wolcott, who often performs as a rapper under the name MC One Con, also were removed from his YouTube channel this week. Hearst reported those videos included vulgar content.

The governor’s office had defended the hiring, saying Wolcott was a trusted confidant who had served a similar role in his campaign.

Spokesman Max Reiss said the resignation came after Wolcott expressed concern over his role and “having attention drawn to his previous work in the music industry.”