UFC Champion Glover Teixeira: “Never give up on your dreams”

Saturday, October 30th, marked the day that Glover Teixeira will never forget. The 42-year-old UFC fighter grabbed the UFC light heavyweight title-winning belt after a rear-naked choke submission move from rival Jan Lachowicz. This victory makes him the oldest first-time champion in UFC history and the second-oldest fighter to win a UFC title.

In the postfight interview, Teixeira said, “Never give up on your dreams. No matter what people say, don’t listen to them.”

In his list of “thank you’s”, the champ also included Danbury for their support: “I want to thank my city Sobralia, (Minas Gerais, Brazil), my family, Danbury, Connecticut, my gym…They’re all excited over there. You know I’m coming home with the belt baby! I told you guys; I’m coming home with the belt.”

They celebrated Teixeira on November 14 in Danbury.

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