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Throwback Thursday: Saloons ordered to close in Wallingford, a fire at Undercliff in Meriden and more history 

Here’s a look back at what appeared in the pages of the Record-Journal 50 and 100 years ago this week.

100 years ago  – 1923

State police capture truck load of alcohol

Intercept 800 gallon cargo headed for New Britain on Cook Ave: Officers captured a truck police claimed contained 800 gallons of alcohol that headed into Meriden on Cook Ave.

The truck was being conveyed by two touring cars and was destined for New Britain to make its delivery.

The 21-year-old from New York City driving the truck was held on $10,000 bail for trial in court on a charge of illegal transportation of liquor.

State police capture truck load of alcoholState police capture truck load of alcohol 15 Sep 1923, Sat Record-Journal (Meriden, Connecticut) Newspapers.com

Wallingford saloon keepers must dismantle their bars

Local police receive orders from Prosecuting Attorney Pickett: All saloons were ordered to be dismantled according to warrants received by Chief Abbott of the police department. 

11 saloon keepers including ones in Wallingford who still had bars in their businesses would be served by the local police under an order signed by Edward S. Pickett, prosecuting attorney of the country court of common pleas.

50 years ago –1973 

Auto workers strike at Chrysler: 113,300 production workers at Chrysler Corp. in Detroit were ordered by the United Auto Workers to strike at midnight Friday after negotiators for both sides said they could not reach agreement on a new 3-year contract.

Fire hits 4 rooms at Undercliff: A locked and unused wing at Undercliff Mental Health Center caught fire and destroyed furniture in four cubicles and caused “moderate fire damage” and “heavy smoke damage” to  the wing.

The fire started in a tv lounge next to the cubicle but the cause was unknown and under investigation. No patients were in the wing at the time of the fire.

The blaze took about 20 minutes to extinguish.

First bike race a big hit: The JayBee Luncheonette sponsored their first bicycle race in town which according to them was a huge success. There were fair skies, 72 obliging participants, complete cooperation from the city and a crowd estimated at more than 300 combined.

There was a junior race for 12 to 15 year olds and a senior division.

Participants took off from the corner of East Main and Pratt Streets.

John Hoelck of Wallingford was first in the senior division. Cliff Carlson of Meriden, the first Meridenite, placed fifth. 

In the junior division Danny Hunter of Meriden, came in first. followed by Mike Wyskiewicz of Meriden.

Trophies were awarded to the first place winners in both divisions with a special award given to Carlson for being the first Meriden rider over the line. 

Storm gives dunking to roads, homes: Heavy rainfall, part of a thunderstorm network extending from Long Island northward along the coast, caused many streets and basements in the city to flood.

According to the director of public works about 1.95 inches of rain fell on the city during a 1-hour period.

1973 - Meriden storm1973 - Meriden storm 19 Sep 1973, Wed Record-Journal (Meriden, Connecticut) Newspapers.com

The storm also spun off several tornadoes in the state including in Southington.

Twister rips Marion section: A tornado hit the Marion section on the southwest side of Southington causing a great amount of damage. Power Lines were knocked down Tops of trees were broken off, others were uprooted and homes were damaged. 

No one was injured.



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