Middlefield resident’s mac and cheese business is heating up

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Is there a comfort food more universally loved than macaroni and cheese?

While delicious, like most easy-to-whip-up dishes, mac and cheese is not the healthiest of meal options.

But a locally-owned business set out to change that.

Launched in August, Hide-N-Snack brand Mac-Over mac and cheese is free of artificial flavors, colors and preservatives.

The website for the business states: "We believe that food should taste good, but also be good for you. We strive to put the best possible ingredients in our food and naturally flavor with spices and seasonings."

Hide-N-Snack was started by Middlefield resident Shauna Lawson, a nurse and mother of two. “When the pandemic hit, we were looking for something to keep us busy during that time and we were also eating a lot of mac and cheese because that’s my kids’ most favorite food,” she said. “They’d eat it every day if I let them.”

When Lawson looked for healthier mac and cheese options, she found them hard to come by.

That’s when the idea for Hide-N-Snack came about.

Currently, Hide-N-Snack offers four Mac-Over mac and cheese flavors: white cheddar, pizza, ranch and BBQ. Another flavor – nacho cheese – is coming soon.

Lawson is also working on low-sodium and vegan versions of her offerings.

Each Mac-Over package comes in a resealable bag, and one bag is equivalent to about six boxes of leading mac and cheese brands. 

“You can make one serving or you can make it for the entire party or family,” said Lawson.

“You can truly make as much or as little as you want without being confined to the size of the traditional box.”

Having started Hide-N-Snack without a business or marketing background, Lawson has some advice for other entrepreneurs.

“Be willing to learn as you go, keep working hard, and don’t give up,” she said. “If you have an idea you believe in, just keep working hard on it.” 

Hide-N-Snack Mac-Over mac and cheese is available via Amazon and at several local markets: It's Only Natural Market in Middletown, Robert's Food Center in Madison, Brookside Market in Glastonbury, Pat's IGA in Wolcott, and East Center Market in Wallingford.

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