AROUND TOWN: Campaign season begins; Library welcomes ducklings

Candidates announce

Durham Republicans Brendan Rea and Rob Chadd have announced their candidacy for first selectman and selectman, respectively. 

Ducklings hatch

Last week, Levi E. Coe Library staff welcomed its first ducklings. Two hatched on July 11, and three more the following day. A local woman with a farm gave the library a dozen eggs to incubate. The five ducklings departed the library after a week and are back at the farm. While at the library, patrons were welcome to hold the ducklings.

Hot stretch

During the most recent heat wave, Gov. Ned Lamont activated the extreme hot weather protocol from July 5 to 7. Many people took care to stay in air-conditioned spaces and reduce their exposure to the heat. “It’s not going away, and this is something we need to address so we can adapt to it,” said Susan Lonczak, Plainville-Southington regional health director. The health district, which also serves Middlefield, has been working to spread information about staying safe in the heat.


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