Durham Fair Youth Department accepting entries

Durham Fair Youth Department accepting entries


The Durham Fair Youth Department is accepting entries for the 2018 fair. The department has made several changes.

A new division, Tiny Tykes, for children age 3 and 4, offers four classes: Sunflower, Pumpkins, Finger Painting and Pie Crust Pinwheels.

New classes available in the Youth Division, for age 7 to 13, are Creative Creations – frog, dragon, dinosaur, ladybug, bee, and dragonfly, nuts (no acorns), Sea Shell Christmas Ornament, Tribute to Veterans (any branch of service, red, white & blue or camouflage.)

Photography classes have been revamped to include animals, scenery, plant life, building/structures, people, selfies, modes of transportation, fair scenes and enlargements.  

New classes in the Junior Division, age 14 to 17, include Grandma's Favorite Recipe (include recipe), anything pumpkin, any other baking, any gluten-free baking, chocolate chip cookies. Creative Creations – nuts (no acorns), Sea Shell Christmas Ornament, Tribute to Veterans.

Junior photography changes include enlargements (any subject), animals and insects, plant life, selfies, people, fair scenes (may be set-up, fair days, exhibits or clean-up. Need not be Durham Fair), macro (close-up, detailed view of subject.)

In addition, a new state class, Junior Quilted Wall Hanging, is offered for ages 7 to 17. All premiums in the Junior Division have all been raised.

For more information, visit the Durham Fair website or contact Kathy Ness at kob101@sbcglobal.net or Patty McDermott at 860-770-5979.