Beloved dog lives on through owner’s good deeds

To honor the memory of her beloved dog, Bailey, Middlefield resident Nancy Winship-Poole donated brain training games, and a book, “The Idiot’s Guide to Fun and Tricks with your Dog,” to the Levi E. Coe Library.

Also, Poole immortalized Bailey by purchasing an engraved brick for her which has been placed on the library pathway.

A certified reading dog, many locals will recall meeting Bailey at the library, or at one of the many schools she visited.

Bailey was recognized with a “Friends of Education” award from the RSD13 Board of Education for her work with young readers, and local students always enjoyed when the Australian Shepherd/Border Collie mix paid a visit.

“The pandemic prevented Bailey from pursuing her life’s work and joy. We were hoping to start up again” this past September,” Winship-Poole pointed out.

Sadly, in early 2022, Bailey was hit by a truck and killed on Route 66. Winship-Poole was away from home at the time, so one of her friends organized a memorial for Bailey which drew 22 attendees.

“This dog was not just my dog, not our family’s dog, but she was a community dog,” said Winship-Poole, who rescued Bailey in 2012 when the pup was just 1.

“Bailey’s body language invited you to pet her,” Winship-Poole said. “Perhaps it was her deep, soulful eyes or calm demeanor – so soft to the touch.”



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