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Country duo, sisters from Middlefield to play main stage at Durham Fair

Country duo, sisters from Middlefield to play main stage at Durham Fair

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DURHAM — Presley and Taylor, a country duo and sisters from Middlefield, are playing the CT Grown Entertainment stage Sept. 29 at the Durham Fair, a place that’s quite familiar to them.

They played the fair as teenagers in 2015, opening for Martina MacBride.

“That was a total pinch-me dream come true moment, and we’re so excited to be coming back to the Durham Fair this year,” said Taylor, 20. 

The singers declined to give their last name, citing privacy and safety concerns.

Presley, 22, said going to the fair is still fun, but in a different way than when they were kids.

”For us, as kids, (the fair) only came around once a year,” she said. “And now, being musicians, we play fairs all the time ... We get to go eat fair food, hang out with all our bandmates, and walk around the fair together. It’s so much fun.”

Braiden Sunshine, who was a contestant on “The Voice,” is also playing on the CT Grown Entertainment stage the same day.

New single

Now living in Nashville, the sisters are closer than ever.

“We’re always motivating each other,” Taylor said. “We’re always challenging each other, and that’s the best part about being able to do this with your sister.”

She said the whole family is very musical and they got country roots from their family. They started seven years as singing duo and recorded their first EP when Taylor was 14 and Presley was 16.

Since then, they have released multiple singles to country radio, four of them reaching the Top 30 on the MusicRow Country Breakout chart.

In May 2018, they released an album aptly called “Country Music,” which is “a tribute to the traditional country sound that we love,” Presley said.

They recently released the first single, “Everybody Wanna Be Us,” from their upcoming EP, recorded with producer James Stroud and co-producer Keith Burns, of Trick Pony.

“As artists, we’re always growing, we’re always evolving,” Presley said. “That really has a lot to do with the people that are around us as well.”

Moving quickly

The duo has played CMA-sanctioned stages at the CMA Music Fest, which Presley said was a highlight moment in their careers, “to be recognized and be able to play that with so many other great artists.”

They also recorded a cover of “Heart Over Mind” by Mel Tillis with his daughter, Pam Tillis, “who we have idolized and looked up to our whole lives,” Presley said.

“She invited us to sing it on the Grand Ole Opry with her one Friday night to a full house,” Presley said,  “and it was just absolutely a dream come true, incredible moment. Anyone who’s been to the Grand Ole Opry just knows how special, historic and just how amazing it is.”

Taylor said the independent artists are looking for a home at a record label.

“We can definitely say that things are moving pretty quickly in that direction,” Presley said, “so we’ll see what happens in the next couple months.”

But the singers said that for now, they’re happy with where they are.

“Every time we do something, we get something greater out of it,” Taylor said. “I think that has always been a theme with us, that we play one show, but that one show, you know, six other things come out of it, and that’s the blessing of what we do.”

Presley and Taylor are scheduled to play 1 p.m. Sunday, Sept. 29 at the Durham Fair. Show admission is included with a paid fair ticket.
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