Durham family continues its decoration domination

Each winter, Durham neighbors Brian Woodford and Glen Myers go head-to-head in a friendly battle of Christmas lights. Right now, it looks like Woodford has the upperhand.

For the third straight year, the title of Best Overall in the Durham Recreation Department’s annual holiday house decorating contest went to Woodford’s Howd Road home.

“When I was a kid, Christmas lights were always up, and it was a happy point,” Woodford said.

“It was something that we always did.”

Woodford said he would go all out with his Christmas display, decorating contest or not. “I do this for the kids, really,” he said. “I didn’t have any kids when I first started this, but now that I have my daughter, it’s something she can grow up with.”

As for Woodford’s neighbor, Glen Myers, his holiday set-up earned the Clark Griswold Over-the-Top Award in this year’s decorating contest.

“I look forward to setting up my lights each year,” Myers said. “I try to get everything lit up by December 1.”

Other decorating contest awards went to James Messina (Simple and Spirited), Joe Calamite (Best Inflatables), Tippy Popp (Winter Farm) and Torrison Stone (Best Business).

Durham Recreation Department director Sherry Hill said she loves going around town and seeing all the decorations.

“People have worked very hard on their homes to make the holidays special,” Hill said.


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