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Fresh face at The Red Barn

Fresh face at The Red Barn

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The Red Barn in Durham welcomed a new face at its open house last weekend. Lisa Catherine, a certified holistic esthetician, is launching her “holistic organic skincare services” under the name Facets Skincare. 

According to Catherine, this venture “is a realization of a 30-year vision” that began around the time she was pregnant with her daughter, Lindsay Suprenant.

“When I was pregnant with her was when I became fascinated with nutrition and went to college for nutrition for two years,” Catherine said. “When she was two, I went to college for nutrition and when I was done with that, I knew I didn’t want to be a registered dietician.” 

Instead, Catherine sought to become a naturopathic physician, a doctor who looks to holistic methods of healing, with pharmaceuticals being a last resort. However, Catherine quickly realized that all the naturopathic schools were located on the west coast. 

“I was a single mom, so nutrition sounded like the best thing, but I wasn’t feeling the registered dietician program,” she said. “So I found esthetics, which was really special to me because I had very bad skin.” 

Catherine said that she felt that she had “come out of the womb with acne.” 

“I figured why not go into a line of work where I could benefit personally and then I could also integrate all of my nutrition because I really believe that what was going on with my skin had something to do with what was going on inside,” she said. 

What resulted became the building blocks for Facets Skincare. Research into CBD and a commitment to a holistic lifestyle even led Catherine to launch her own line of skincare products. 

“I cherry pick, but I’m very strict that there’s no toxic ingredients, and when possible, they’re all organic,” she said when talking about the various products she uses in her facials and treatments. 

However, Catherine added that there are some products that she “loves” that aren’t organic. 

For those who might have blemishes or other skin issues, Catherine says that there are three common causes she sees with clients. 

“For acne; stress, hormones and your digestion even more so than what you eat,” she said. “Sometimes it’s how you break down, assimilate and eliminate your food. If you have toxins in your body that you need to get rid of and it comes through your skin, it’s irritating the follicle.” 

In order to combat this, Catherine said it’s important to get a lot of sleep, focus on breathing and drink plenty of water. 

“There’s that piece of me that’s all about holistic health,” she said. “So when you come into me for skincare, we talk about your skin, but I also want to be able to offer energy work and help with your diet.” 

It took Catherine some time to get to the Red Barn, initially starting in salons in Wallingford and Meriden.

Lindsay Suprenant said Durham is where her mother needs to be. 

“The fact that this is now available to her, is amazing,” Suprenant said. “This is the environment she needs to be in. She glows.” 

Dr. Christy Jackson, a psychologist and holistic psychotherapist, said Catherine “is a great part” of the Red Barn community. 

“We have so many facets of wellness,” Jackson said. “We have to take care of the physical body as well. We don’t really see a difference between mind, body and spirit. Everything is interconnected.” 

Visit Facets Skincare at the Red Barn in Durham at 352 Main St., or call 203-213-0199.
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