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Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor


Skelps for BOF


Mike Skelps knows finances.

When I was president of the Middlefield Lions, Mike served as treasurer. He greatly improved our budgeting, forecasting, kept our expenses to a minimum and maximized our revenues.

This is exactly the type of person we need on the Middlefield Board of Finance. Mike will work to ensure that town expenditures are held to a minimum while maintaining the services we receive from our hard-earned dollars.

With Mike on the Board of Finance, we can be assured of a sound financial footprint for the future of our town.

Vote for Mike Skleps!

Scott Casciano

Strong leader


I strongly support Laura Francis for First Selectman.  

Laura is a member of many state-levels boards. This helps to bring Durham’s issues to the state level and has included our town in extra programs and grant opportunities.

Laura is willing to listen to all members of our community.

I have attended meetings where I felt that speakers were so angry that they neglected to remain respectful.

When I asked how she could remain respectful to them, she replied, “Everyone has the right to have their voices heard.”

Please support this compassionate and strong leader.

Tina Gossner

Vote Francis


Laura Francis has served the Town of Durham as First Selectman with integrity, openness and dedication. She has brought over $5 million in grant monies to the town and is effectively taking care of aging infrastructure.

With her intimate knowledge of the workings of each department in town, Laura knows what is essential and how to find efficiencies. She has reduced staff hours by more than 120 per-week, and restructured the town’s retirement plan and health care services, saving taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars over time.

Laura has earned my respect, my admiration and my vote.

Maryann Boord

New voice needed


I support Robert Pazera for Board of Finance. Robert has spent a career in finance and will bring a fresh, new voice to this board.

In conversations with Robert, he has proven to be engaged, enthusiastic and eager to contribute to our community. He deserves your support.

Vote Robert Pazera for Durham’s Board of Finance on Nov. 5!

Matt Taber

Supportfor Hennick


I support Tom Hennick for second selectman in Durham’s upcoming election.

Tom brings a balanced, reasonable and thoughtful voice to the board. He has a long history of service and commitment to our town. He was an advocate for our schools as a former member of the Board of Education.

Tom is a good listener and will ask pertinent questions at board meetings to make sure the proposals being discussed are good for all citizens of Durham.

He is dedicated to this community and will continue to serve with integrity and fairness.

Marilyn Horn

Liss for ZBA

I am pleased Maya Perry Liss is running for the Durham Zoning Board of Appeals. Maya believes Durham is a great community in which to raise a family and wants the town to retain the rural and historic elements that make it special, while broadening its economic base.  

Please join me in voting for Maya Perry Liss for Zoning Board of Appeals on Nov. 5.

Shari Adams

Worthyof re-election


With the upcoming election for first selectperson, I wanted to voice my support for a candidate I have been working closely with on the portrait of a graduate/citizen.

Through this work I have witnessed the passion and love they have for our town and its members. This person listens to community ideas, advocates for projects that benefit everyone, from seniors to preschoolers; while always being mindful of the financial impact for each and every town resident.

Please support the re-election of Laura Francis so she can continue working for the good of our town and schools.

Kimberly Johansen

Open, honest


I support Tom Hennick for the Durham Board of Selectmen and urge local voters to cast your vote to re-elect him. Durham needs Tom for his experience in government, his open and honest approach and his steady hand in making decisions for our town.

A 10-year member of the Board of Education, five years as chairman, Tom is a proven leader who has served us well.

Keep true two-party government alive in Durham, vote for Tom Hennick for a second term on the Board of Selectmen.

John Hogarth

Lioness needed


Durham needs a leader who will be a fierce and relentless advocate for us on a state level. For this role, we need a lioness, not a kitten. Laura Francis is that lioness!

Laura has successfully ensured that Durham has not been left out of important funding streams and programs at the state level, which has benefited all residents of Durham.

As a registered Democrat, I am voting for Laura Francis for First Selectman. I also encourage fellow Democrats, and those unaffiliated voters, to join me in voting for Laura, because sometimes the best candidate comes before party affiliation.

Michael D’Agostino

Unrealistic promises


George Eames’ recent mailers left me wondering if he really has a plan to back up his promises of reducing spending, taxes and the mill rate while also saving money to plan for undefined future projects.

The first selectman’s office is not an autocracy, where the BOS makes all decisions final. The Board of Finance plays a major role in shaping the town's fiscal planning, which is over 80 perent tied up in the BOE budget.

Eames makes claims regarding town debt, taxes and spending without any context or clear plan for how he will support what he says he can do.

Matt Thompson