Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor




I would like to express my continued thanks and appreciation for the Durham Economic Development Commission for all that they have done in helping me to support my business.

A little over one year ago, when I was offered the opportunity to combine my two loves: film and education, to teach other teachers how to teach with film and to continue graduate work in the same field, I was overwhelmed, but immersed in the awareness that I was being presented with the chance to do something meaningful.

Less than two months later, I attended a workshop sponsored by the Durham Economic Development Commission, immediately intrigued by the possibility that I could use those same skills to create a business of my own.  

The process is not easy, but here is the important piece: you will be supported along the way. Supported by people who are willing to answer your questions, supported by people who are rooting for your success, supported by people who believe that what you do matters.

Nearly every day someone will ask me how I got started. The answer is the same: I went to a workshop sponsored by the Economic Development Commission in my town. I encourage you to seek out the resources that are made available to you through this incredible resource.

Bronwyn Comins