Lyman Orchards celebrates peach season with annual festival

Lyman Orchards celebrates peach season with annual festival

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MIDDLEFIELD — Children and adults alike wandered out into the orchards at Lyman Orchards last weekend to pick peaches, as well as partake in the sunflower maze, pie eating contest and other events, during the annual Peach Fest. 

“This is just a chance for the kids to get out for some fun,” said Alyssa Branday, who had gone to the orchards to pick peaches with her family. 

Though he didn’t have any concrete numbers on how many peaches were sold over the weekend, John Lyman, owner of the business, said that he was “very pleased with the turnout.” 

“We had a very strong day and sold more peaches than last year,” he said. 

The orchards were separated into different sections, each with their own different type of peach. The Rodriguez family were busy at work filling at paper bag with peaches with some mouthwatering plans in mind. 

“We’re here to have some family time to enjoy God’s fruits,” said Alex Rodriguez. 

“And we’re hoping to make some peach cobbler,” said Melina Rodriguez, Alex’s wife.
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