Friend duo purchases prominent Middlefield property

MIDDLEFIELD – A well-known, local property owned for decades by the Fowler family has changed hands.

Once a grocery store, 6 Way Road, the current home of Blackbird Tavern and other businesses, sold for $1.625 million on Oct. 16, 2022.

Stephen and Dwight Fowler inherited 6 Way Road from their father, Lester “Mickey” Fowler, who died in 2021 at the age of 95.

Soon after taking over the property, the brothers decided to put it on the market.

“We didn’t have deep pockets,” Stephen Fowler said. “And so, we decided to sell the property. We didn’t want to just sell it to anyone, so we found a buyer that we actually knew.”

The new owners are Sam Eddinger and Robert Boulanger.

“It was a beautiful property, and since Robert and I are both from Middlefield, we decided that we wanted to buy it,” said Eddinger, pointing out that he and his buddy Boulanger “have complimentary businesses” and saw this as a great opportunity to work together.

“I do property management and he does maintenance,” said Eddinger.

Eddinger called 6 Way Road “one of the most known places in Middlefield” and said he and Boulanger don’t have any major changes planned for the property, just some minor updates. “We want to make this feel more modern,” Eddinger said, while honoring “the legacy of the Fowler family.”

He said, “The goal is to make it a location that really defines the character of the community.”


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