Middlefield votes to sell property to Habitat for Humanity

Middlefield votes to sell property to Habitat for Humanity

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MIDDLEFIELD — In a unanimous vote in the affirmative, the town of Middlefield voted to sell the property at 171 Hubbard St. to Middlesex Habitat for Humanity. 

The vote occurred at a public hearing held at 7 p.m. on Tuesday, Feb. 18. The regularly scheduled board of selectman meeting was momentarily adjourned in order to hold the hearing. 

First Selectman Edward Bailey said the town had initially received the property through a “tax foreclosure” in July. Since then, the town has done some “remediation work” on the property before they were approached by Middlesex Habitat for Humanity. 

“We discussed terms and conditions of selling the property to Habitat for Humanity and in essence that boiled down to what we had invested in the property...and that included the unpaid taxes, legal fees to gain possession of the property and maintenance costs,” said Bailey. 

Habitat for Humanity purchased the property from the town for $53,424. The town and Habitat for Humanity reached an agreement to subtract the taxes accrued over the projected nine month construction period of the home from the purchase price of the property which was estimated at $55,705. 

“The town is not in a position to abate taxes,” said Bailey. “Habitat will be responsible for paying the taxes but there will be a reduced purchase price for the property.”

Curtis Weybright, construction manager for Habitat for Humanity, said that the Hubbard Street property was planned to be a “veterans build.” The single family, 1,100 square foot home will have three beds and one and half bathrooms and will house a veteran family. 

Weybright added that Habitat would be reaching out to the town asking for volunteers once construction began. 

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