Compost program is living up to its promise

The almost 100 families participating in the compost pilot program at the DMIAAB transfer station made December the most successful month yet with 1,990 pounds of compostable trash diverted from the local waste stream.

Over the four months the program has been operating, a total of 5,858 pounds has been diverted. That amount of trash is equivalent to saving 3,280 pounds of CO2, planting 27 seedling trees or saving 767.4 kWh of electricity.

And it’s so easy. Participants have purchased home composting containers arranged for by Coginchaug Area Transition (CAT).

Kits include a countertop container with a roll of compostable bags and a garage or basement container into which filled bags are placed before residents deliver them to the transfer station any time during regular DMIAAB hours.

Any kind of food waste can be composted; including meat, poultry, dairy, bones, shells, coffee grounds and spoiled food, as well as paper napkins and towels used in food preparation and serving. Folks at the transfer station have been very helpful in making this program as easy as possible for residents.

Any person or family who would like to become part of this six-month pilot, which has now passed the halfway mark, is invited to visit the Durham or Middlefield town website.

Kits are available for $25 at the Middlefield Building Office in the Community Center or Durham Town Hall in the Selectman’s office. Payment can be made by cash or check or via VENMO, accessed through the “Compost Pilot” section of the municipal websites.

The hope is that the pilot program will take enough compostable waste out of the waste stream to make an impact on the tipping fees that DMIAAB will have to pay for disposing of residents’ garbage.

This would be excellent news for both town budgets and for the environment, as burning or burying a resource that could be turned into lovely, rich soil is a win for everyone.


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