Scout beats the clock, completes service project

BSA Troop 33 would like to congratulate Ben Pitruzzello of Middlefield for earning his Eagle Scout rank.

Pitruzzello’s Eagle Scout Service Project was completed in support of the Go-Far Go-Fast program, which utilizes the Memorial School field for students and other residents. The scout proposed adding wooden markers labeled with incremental distances to allow Go-Far Go-Fast participants to more easily identify how far they had run.

Pitruzzello’s biggest challenge was to wrap up the Eagle Scout Service Project before he headed off to the University of Connecticut this past August. And he rose to the challenge.

Pitruzzello coordinated with Memorial and RSD13 leaders to approve the service project plan. Additionally, he was able to secure a donation of materials from The Home Depot, and fundraised for the last $250 in costs.

The Memorial School field project took 13 volunteers more than 50 hours to complete. The work involved clearing and digging at the site, as well as preparing the posts and installing them with concrete.

Pitruzzello joined scouting at the Webelos/AOL level with Cub Scout Pack 33 and continued his scouting journey with BSA Troop 33. Pitruzzello feels the leadership skills he has learned in scouting will benefit him in his college career and beyond.

Congratulations, Ben, on this amazing achievement. And best of luck.


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